Welcome to itelligence.  You will find everything you want to know about us right here.  If you are interested in SAP consultancy, SAP maintenance or SAP licences you have come to the right place, or if you want to keep up with the latest tech news make sure you follow our blog.  SAP is at the heart of our business in everything we do, and we are delighted to announce SAP have just presented us with the 2015 EMEA Partner of the year award for Analytics.

SAP training with the experts

As a leading SAP training partner we offer a variety of SAP training courses and the expertise of over 25 years’ experience of SAP solutions. Our SAP training covers all users from beginners to those seeking accreditation – we also offer customised SAP training for your BI environment. If you need SAP training look no further.

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SAP consulting - with you all the way

SAP consulting – with you all the way

You can trust our SAP consultancy track record, built on 25 years of SAP know-how. You’ll discover an IT partner who knows SAP solutions inside out and understands your industry. As a result, we can fit your SAP solution exactly to your goals. From strategy to go-live, we make sure each stage is transparent. We can train your people. When you’re up and running, our SAP consultants can maintain your SAP solution to perform at its peak. And we’ll continue to support you when your IT needs evolve. Then, if you grow or restructure, upgrade or migrate, your IT is always up to speed.

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SAP Cloud Solutions

SAP Cloud Solutions

Cloud is the answer, but what is the question?  If you, like many other leading businesses, have asked yourself the future holds for business agility, predictive performance and global trends, then visit our Cloud Information Portal to find out more.  Cloud Solutions is equipped to answer several business questions – review what challenges other businesses are facing in the modern Cloud ecosystem.

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itelligence events

itelligence Events

Make sure you keep up-to-date by checking in on our events page.  If you are short on time and need to know what’s happening with the latest technologies, then make sure you check out our webinar section for the latest list of webinars. Or if you have more time to spare you could attend one of our events.  Either way – there is always something happening for you to join.  Take a look right here.

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SA{ No. 1 EMEA Partner Ranking Award

#1 SAP EMEA Partner

“Congratulations on achieving the #1 EMEA Partner ranking for the SAP S/4HANA Install Base Migration Program in Q3 2015. Wishing you continued success driving customer adoption, delivering business and IT value of SAP S/4HANA, our next generation business suite.” Meghan McCarthy, VP of General Business and GPO, SAP UKI5

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Master Data Simplified

Master data is an essential part of business that nearly every department needs access to; unfortunately, bad master data quality leads to issues in nearly every business department. The simple error of departments inputting different…

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itelligence @ IT Matters July

Are you still using spreadsheets for business impact decision modelling? The challenges and opportunities for insurance businesses (irrespective of size) in this digital age are enormous, though businesses need to be fleet-footed to keep pace…

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Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Customers are often segmented into specific categories that we communicate to – this can lead to a generic form of interaction and user experience. This is not the situation anymore. The traditional rules of marketing,…

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SAP SuccessFactors HR Journey to the Cloud

Empowering People. Empower Success. The world is changing and so is the way we work. How we adapt to these changes makes the difference between being successful and being left behind. People are the only…

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UK Blog
BW Housekeeping Hints and Tips

  Introduction to BW Housekeeping BW housekeeping can be a hot topic, because it falls into that grey area between the BW consulting team and the basis team. The basis team are usually familiar with…

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Master Data: Everybody needs it, nobody wants to handle it!

You wouldn’t work in a building that looked like this, would you? Let’s set this picture aside for a minute and talk about Master Data. Businesses who have implemented or are in the process of…

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Evaluating EDMS: How Manual is Your Document Management System?

Due to the mass amounts of information produced, organizations continue to invest in an EDMS, or Electronic Document Management System. Even in today’s digital era, a significant amount of corporate information is still distributed via…

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So what Safyr does is Data Discovery – Right?

  Well  er…Yes, and No.   We get this comment lots of times.  It’s sometimes hard to explain the difference.  Strictly speaking, we do ‘metadata discovery’. I like analogies.  Imagine I’ve moved to a new town.  …

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A Technical Overview of SAP Planning Solutions—SAP IP, SAP BPC, SAP BPC for S/4HANA

  When considering SAP solutions for integrated corporate planning, there are many solutions available and, typically for SAP, just as many abbreviations. They range from BW-IP and BPC to IBP and SAP BPC optimized for…

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