Webinar: it.data guardian – Improve HR Data Accuracy

High-quality HR data is key to running a successful business. If you’re working with incorrect information, you’re likely to make the wrong decisions and mistakes, such as allocating resources inefficiently. You require a single source of truth to avoid these problems. itelligence is hosting a webinar that will teach you how to improve HR data accuracy with its AddOn it.data guardian.

Many companies draw their HR master data from numerous sources, which can result in inconsistent and conflicting information. This is especially true of enterprises that have teams in different locations and utilize a range of systems. it.data guardian from itelligence eliminates these issues by validating data across multiple, separate systems.

What Can it.data guardian Do for You?

In the upcoming webinar on it.data guardian, you will find out more about how tools for monitoring your data quality and identifying process errors improve HR data accuracy at your company. Consequently, you can build a solid data foundation, meaning you have all the HR knowledge you need to make the right business decisions. Additionally, it.data guardian ensures you remain compliant with GDPR.

You will also discover how consistent and accurate data enables you to reduce resource allocation for tasks, including setting up new starters with everything they need and identifying inaccuracies via data quality calculation reports. Sign up to the webinar now and learn more about how to improve HR data accuracy.

Join us for the free webinar:

it.data guardian – Improve HR Master Data Quality

15:00 (CET), February 7, 2019

it.data guardian is suitable for companies of all sizes, and our webinar on the topic can help you get the most out of the AddOn and boost your data quality. There will also be a demonstration of the product. The webinar and demo will be hosted by itelligence team members Cecilia Axeland, Expert, Sales Manager HCM LoB and Jacob Sundahl, Senior Expert, HCM Foundation & Products LoB.

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Are you interested in finding out more about it.data guardian? Click here to read more about the product and get started with achieving data perfection at your business.

To learn more about our AddOns, please visit the itelligence AddStore or contact us via email: it.products@itelligencegroup.com


– by Cecilia Axeland, Expert, Sales Manager HCM LoB, itelligence AB &
Jacob Sundahl, Senior Expert, HCM Foundation & Products LoB, itelligence a/s –

cecilia.axeland@itelligencegroup.se & jacob.sundahl@itelligence.dk

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