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Turn rapid changes in international trade and legal practices into an advantage for your company.

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As foreign trade volumes increase in the globalizing world, customs regulations and logistics processes can become complicated and difficult for businesses to follow. In cases where the whole process cannot be monitored in a transparent and real-time manner, there is an increase in the turnaround time and costs. At this point, our it.foreign trade solution, we developed for your foreign trade processes, eliminates the difficulties encountered in operational processes.

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it.foreign trade: Manage Your Foreign Trade Process from a Single Center

it.foreign trade enables all operational processes related to foreign trade to be managed from a single center, creating relevant documents or invoices and entering the data in the relevant fields within the system. it.foreign trade solution enables real-time tracking and effective reporting of logistics processes, which is one of the most important building blocks of foreign trade.

Are you facing at least one of the following issues?

  • Are you having trouble ensuring the consistency and transparency of complex accrual calculations?
  • Do you have difficulty in real-time tracking and reporting of documents related to import-export processes?
  • Do you have difficulty in controlling and tracking customs costs from a single center?
  • Are you not able to document the transportation, logistics and transportation costs in import-export processes in an easy, fast and transparent way?

With our it.foreign trade solution that we offer as itelligence, you can eliminate the problems you encounter in foreign trade and increase productivity.

How does it.foreign trade benefit you?

You can manage import and export processes from a single center

With our it.foreign trade solution, you can manage end-to-end foreign trade processes such as creating order records within the SAP system, documenting shipping information integrated into SAP, tracking stock movements, as well as accounting for all product costs within the system with the Automatic Cost Calculation function.

You Can Analyze and Report Processes in Real Time

Analysis and reporting of processes plays an important role for the short and long term strategies of the companies as much as the processes themselves. it.foreign trade provides instant reporting of all processes such as shipment documents reporting, order tracking, warehouse tracking, cost lists, analysis and tracking, while helping you increase productivity in processes.

You Can Have Effective Accounting Processes With Accurate Cost Calculations

With the it.foreign trade Automatic Cost Calculation function, it automatically calculates the cost that may occur in a foreign trade process based on documents such as letter of credit, invoices, proforma and freight invoice belonging to a similar process. In this way, you can manage the calculation and accounting of imported or exported goods more easily than ever.

it.foreign trade Solution Scope

Logistics Tracking

  • Creation of Product Loading Documents
  • Warehouse Entry and Exit Operations
  • Customs Clearance Procedures
  • Customs-Warehouse Clearance by Fragmenting or Combining
  • Bulk Shipping Tracking of Downloads

Expense and Cost Tracking

  • Entry and Tracking of Cost Invoice
  • File Costs Entry and Tracking
  • Withdrawal and Other Expenses Entry and Tracking
  • File Closing Operations
  • Automatic Cost Distribution Based on Expense Type (Volume, Amount, Quantity etc.)


  • Warehouse Stocks Report
  • Import Logistics Report (Report on Road, Customs, Warehouse, Withdrawal from Warehouse, Warehouse Status and customer specific flexible areas)
  • Import Cost List (Open, closed status on File, Picking basis)

Export Operations

  • Creation and file tracking of declaration file
  • Creating the date of the stub and accounting by the date of the stub
  • IAC Tracking
  • Customs representative tracking
  • Customs code tracking
  • Contact Tracking (Transport-broker) Tracking
  • Export Outputs:
    • ATR
    • Eur1
    • Origin
    • Packing List
    • Commercial invoice
    • Consignment note
    • Form A
    • Order Confirmation
    • Insurance Instruction
    • Export File Reporting

Why should you choose itelligence?

With our experience of more than 30 years, we know well what you need and where you have difficulty in foreign trade today. We support you from all over the world at every stage of your IT projects. Today, more than 10,000 customers around the world use the solutions we integrate. Our specialists offer service in our centers in 25 countries, while our cooperation with the NTT DATA Group offers us a world-wide cooperation.

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