Tieman Trading B.V., Gilze, Netherlands

Hans Tieman, Managing Director
Together with itelligence, we are now discovering the unprecedented possibilities of SAP Business ByDesign with Cloud4Trade. It is a solid foundation for fully streamlining our business processes in the cloud.

Hans Tieman, Managing Director, Tieman Trading B.V.

Tieman Trading B.V. is a Dutch wholesaler, supplying retailers in The Netherlands and Belgium. Along with a wide range of branded tools and products, such as trade tools and electrical cables, the wholesaler offers services for repairs and spare parts.

Tieman Trading’s 15 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 4.5 million.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Streamline business processes with a cloud solution
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improve and consolidate data management
  • Optimize collaboration and data sharing between suppliers and customers


  • Better transparency and access to all relevant data via cloud with any device and at any time
  • Easily adjustable and scalable standard system
  • Lower costs due to subscription-based service
  • More flexible, integrated, and cost-effective than old ERP


  • SAP Business ByDesign
  • Cloud4Trade

Tieman Trading B.V., Gilze, Netherlands

How Tieman Trading boosts business by making use of the abundant possibilities of SAP Business ByDesign.

About the Project

Moving into the Cloud and Forward with Business Thanks to SAP® Business ByDesign®

Restructuring Business Processes

Tieman Trading B.V. is a Dutch wholesaler of electrical cables and construction supplies for retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Along with a wide range of branded tools and products, the company offers services for repairs and spare parts. Not satisfied with the ERP system it had at the time, Tieman contacted itelligence looking for a more streamlined and cost-effective solution for business management.

itelligence introduced the company to SAP Business ByDesign which provides a preconfigured ERP template for small to mid-size businesses looking to structure their business more efficiently. In addition, itelligence recommended their own Cloud4Trade extension, which is specific to trade companies. With cost as a main concern, the modular and subscription-based nature of SAP Business ByDesign was of real benefit to Tieman. The company could take advantage of the scalable SAP software, without heavy investment in hardware, and expand when required.

“We have a truly integrated ERP solution which runs in the cloud. We are now prepared for any future developments.”

Hans Tieman, Managing Director, Tieman Trading

Collaboration and Data Storage in the Cloud

“Previously, we used an ERP solution which ran on our own servers,” explains Hans Tieman, Managing Director. “Thus, we had to buy hardware and software, and then manage it ourselves.” With SAP Business ByDesign, a cloud-based software suite, Tieman Trading can now view and update data via the cloud from any connected device. This eliminates the need for external IT consultants and ensures up-to-date information across the entire network. Stored data, such as customer insights or sales statistics, can then be analyzed – leading to informed decisions in the future.

Cloud4Trade, an extension from itelligence, allows a company to carry out trade-specific processes such as sales, purchasing, and project management in one single application. Such processes can be very resource-consuming for a small company, but working with SAP Business ByDesign and Cloud4Trade ensures efficient operation. Thanks to the cloud, Tieman now has more time to concentrate on core business growth and can collaborate more easily with business partners.

Streamlined and Future-Proof

With itelligence, Tieman not only found the right solution, but also a provider to deliver expertise and continuity throughout the entire implementation process. “SAP Business ByDesign is a truly amazing solution which takes every detail into account,” explained Hans Tieman, “itelligence helped us find the right option.”

The user-friendly software gave Tieman tools to manage its internal processes with ease and reduce total cost of ownership by nearly 40 percent. Satisfied with the new scalable and intuitive system, Tieman looks forward to the future: “We can further streamline our business processes on a reliable foundation over the coming years.”

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