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Inga Vogel

Author Inga Vogel

Head of International Marketing Head of International Marketing, responsible for the content/campaign factory as well as liaison between our global marketing community, external and internal partners. View all 2 posts
Bünyamin İnce

Author Bünyamin İnce

Senior ME/MII Consultant Bünyamin İnce has been working as a SAP ME/MII senior consultant in iron steel, consumer electronics, textile, and logistic industries. He has experience in optimizing MES databases including SAP HANA Database, working on shop floor automation integration via SAP PCo, project implementation and technical… View all 0 posts


Our experts are keen to stay up to date with new developments and always share their insights, knowledge and opinions from all around the world. They cover a wide range of IT and business-related topics, including SAP and industry expertise as well as management… View all 5 posts
Andy Steer

Author Andy Steer

Chief Technology Officer I have responsibility for defining and driving the evolution of the business in step with our customers and partners. I spend most of my time listening and learning from 3 sets of people; our customers, our partners and our employees to ensure that we… View all 11 posts

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