Camille van Dongen

Sales Director

Camille van Dongen spent his study time in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where he graduated in Commercial Economics from the School for Higher Education in Economics and Management in 1999. Before the paths of itelligence Benelux Holding and Van Dongen crossed, he gained experience in several positions at different companies.

Van Dongen started his career in 1999 at AG& P Software, where he held the position of Account Manager for six years. In 2005, Van Dongen decided to switch to 2B Interactive, where he worked as Sales Representative. A year later, he was ready for a new challenge. The position of Sales Manager at Orbrix caught his eye, which he held till 2009.

In 2009, Van Dongen entered the service of itelligence Benelux Holding. At first he held the position of Sales Executive, which he held for five years. Since September 2014, Van Dongen is active as Sales Director of itelligence Benelux Holding.

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