SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud powered by itelligence

Over the past year in collaboration with SAP, itelligence has developed SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Giving a quick overview of a topic like “SAP HANA” sounds like it ought to be straightforward. This is reflected, among other ways, in the fact that the topic has already generated a great deal of multimedia content with familiar images – such as a highway with lots of traffic or the much-loved speedometer – dotted across the net.

But is speed everything?

It is much more important to understand why everything should go faster. The answer, in my view, can be derived from daily life. Almost every one of us has their phone with them every day and communicates in ever shorter intervals through various apps and social media channels. As in private life so it is also in the business environment, there is an ever faster-growing flood of data, the purpose of which will be processed and analysed by providers.

In our new video for the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, I have used just this insight into everyday life in order to show that companies have to react faster and more flexibly to the growing information flow. I have of course also asked myself, what is actually really fast, to represent not only the speed of the data but also the cloud service from itelligence. The launch of a space shuttle for me is not just fast, but made impressive by the complex technology, which can be used to overcome any limitations. Also, who does not sometimes enjoy seeing the big picture – the world – from above? Get started by taking a look at the video!

General information on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Hitherto, SAP HANA could only be used in the form of a pre-configured combination of software components and custom hardware. In order to grow the database, which is not so unusual, either sufficient resources had to be planned from the outset or hardware resources could be retrofitted later.

To change this, over the last year SAP developed SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to make cloud advantages available for their own in-memory technology. As a close partner, itelligence was able to adapt this technology in cooperation with SAP and continue to develop it as a separate service.

Our itelligence HANA Enterprise Cloud is a combination of cloud infrastructure services and additional services, transferred by SAP HANA solutions structured in the cloud.

For the operation of SAP applications in the itelligence HANA Enterprise Cloud, as in all cloud environments, customers place their trust in the security and integrity of their data. Therefore, we operate the HANA Enterprise Cloud exclusively from its own data centres and make the cloud environment accessible only to our own customers.

The data centres meet very high safety standards. The data transfer between the client and the data centres is in encrypted form and on dedicated data lines. The operation of the systems only takes place in previously agreed locations such as Germany or the European Union.

If you have any questions, please leave them as a comment. I will respond as soon as possible.

– by Martin Bonhage, Corporate Marketing Manager, SAP Managed Services , itelligence –

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