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SAP GBT - Full insight into the chain

Logistic and production processes are becoming increasingly complex. How will you ascertain the origin, current location, and quality of products? SAP Global Batch Traceability (GBT) makes all movements and relevant features transparent, from raw material to packed product.

SAP GBT enables an effective and efficient analysis of complex chains. The batch management system does this by linking data from different sources and bringing them together in one system. Organizations have access to a single version of the truth. Using a powerful and fast search engine, users may, for example, quickly trace and recall poor quality products.

SAP GBT indispensable for quality assurance

SAP GBT provides insight, efficiency, and safety in complex supply chains in the food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. GBT has been developed to deal with large amounts of data, and rapidly report on it. Thus, GBT offers a powerful tool to monitor quality, quickly detect problems, and report upon them easily.

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Sanquin Plasma Products

Where tracing complex batches previously took hours, it now takes minutes or even seconds. Without any manual intervention. With SAP GBT, we have taken our reports to a higher level.

Duco Brouwer; Vice President Supply Chain, Sanquin Plasma Products

Are you also facing one or more of these questions?

  • How do I make an entire batch of genealogy transparent within the supply chain?
  • How do I integrate relevant data from multiple systems?
  • How do I identify the missing information?
  • How do I trace multiple batches simultaneously with as few actions as possible?

SAP GBT provides the answers

Full insight

SAP Global Batch Traceability makes the internal and external production chain fully transparent and traceable, including processes of subcontractors who are not connected to your SAP ERP system.

Fast and efficient

Withdraw orders or recall products? Or identify bad batch stocks and determine the cause of the problems? SAP GBT enables you to do this quickly and efficiently.

Low costs

Due to permanent quality control and quickly identifying faulty products , the costs resulting from possible recalls remain limited.


By bringing all data together in one system, a single version of the truth is created. With SAP GBT, mandatory reports are created quickly.

Quality assurance

Continuous monitoring of quality in the chain ensures that the safety of your customers or patients, and your reputation are never compromised.

Key features of SAP GBT

  • Fast search engine for targeted search for batches
  • Graphical representation of ‘batch genealogy’
  • Simultaneous reporting of multiple batches
  • Identification of missing links
  • Fast printing of reports
  • Tracing raw to packed products
  • Combining relevant SAP and non-SAP sources
  • Accelerating the integration of quality features in the release process

Insight into customer and patient safety - with itelligence

Batch management and traceability have no secrets for us. With our extensive knowledge of tracking and tracing processes and software, we provide insight into the most complex supply chains.

Ruud Nieuweboer, Consultant Life Sciences, itelligence Benelux

Traceability: How may we help you?

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in the food, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries and have extensive knowledge in the area of traceability, from both a system and a process perspective. We can help you with the evaluation and technical and functional implementation of SAP GBT and take care of the project management. This enables you to benefit directly from the advantages of gaining a better insight into the supply chain.

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RAUMEDIC AG – Top-Level AMS & Managed Cloud Services on a Mission for Health

With the SAP expertise and years of experience that itelligence brings to the table, there is nothing standing in the way of a successful audit, which means that RAUMEDIC will be able to stay true to its values and maintain its quality standards in production long into the future.

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pfm medical AG – Keeping Master Data Healthy in SAP ERP with it.mds

For more than 40 years, pfm medical and its 500 employees have been the embodiment of quality “Made in Germany” in the field of medical technology. The company offers more than 3,100 products and operates in more than 100 markets worldwide from its 12 locations in 10 countries.

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DuPont, Copenhagen, Denmark

The BPC training project at DuPont in Copenhagen was executed as a 30 day BPC trial, where the EPM team members at the former Danish-owned company Danisco received training in the BPC software.

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Cheminova, Harboøre, Denmark

Cheminova’s bottling lines operate around the clock and the group is active in many parts of the world. Thus, the stability of the ERP system’s operations 24 hours a day is crucial for the company.

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Synthon B.V., Nijmegen, Netherlands

The innovative industry leader Synthon, located in Nijmegen, produces high-quality generic medicines, biosimilars, as well as new biological and chemical entities.

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Sanquin, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sanquin is responsible for safe and efficient blood supply in the Netherlands on a not-for-profit basis. Sanquin also develops and produces pharmaceutical products, conducts high-quality scientific research, and develops and performs a multitude of diagnostic services.

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Cipla Europe NV, Antwerp, Belgium

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, Cipla Europe is a leading global provider of medicinal products, such as respiratory, HIV, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients, plain generics, and hospital products.

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Aspen Oss B.V., Oss, Netherlands

Based in the Netherlands, Aspen Oss B.V. provides the world with vital pharmaceutical products, such as steroid hormones, Heparin Sodium, peptid and alkaloid products.

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Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel

Dr. August Wolff, headquartered in Bielefeld, has been researching, developing, and marketing pharmaceutical products for over 100 years. The company has specialized on dermatological and gynecological products, medical products as well as cosmetics.

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DENIOS AG, located in Germany, is a specialist in hazardous materials storage and handling, work safety as well as industry requirements and has a portfolio of over 10,000 products.

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Complex Traceability Made Easy @Sanquin Plasma

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