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Robin Hartmann

Auteur Robin Hartmann

Business Development Manager Innovation & Portfolio, itelligence AG Together with our whole team I am, in my position as Business Development Manager for Innovation & Portfolio, responsible for optimization and enhancement of the itelligence portfolio. In doing so, we push ahead a lot of fascinating innovations. Thanks to my additional involvement in… Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Rogier Bloemen

Auteur Rogier Bloemen

SAP SCM Consultant Na afronding van zijn studie bedrijfskunde aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, is hij gaan werken bij itelligence op het snijvlak van Supply Chain en IT. De combinatie van zijn bedrijfskundige achtergrond, end to-end ERP implementaties , en projecten bij multinationals in de FMCG business… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Tom Renssen

Auteur Tom Renssen

SAP Consultant Food & Agriculture Tom works as SAP consultant for implementation- and optimization- projects. As an SAP- and business expert he gained his experience with implementations in the food-and other industries. He has an adequate knowledge of the “best practice” within the food industry. His substantive knowledge of… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Ruud Nieuweboer

Auteur Ruud Nieuweboer

SAP SCM Consultant Ruud Nieuweboer is a Supply Chain Consultant who, for the last decade, focused himself mainly on the Life Science Industry. A multitude of different project types, local and international,  has boosted his knowledge of the industry and SAP. He specialized himself in the area… Bekijk alle 5 berichten
Pascal te Vruchte

Auteur Pascal te Vruchte

SAP Consultant Food & Agriculture Pascal works as SAP consultant for implementation- and optimization- projects. As an SAP expert he gained his experience with implementations in the food-industry. He has an adequate knowledge of the “best practice” within the industry. His substantive knowledge of the industry combined with SAP… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Jörg Oberdieck

Auteur Jörg Oberdieck

Head of Global Digital Practice – Customer Engagement & Commerce, Global Field Consulting For more than 25 years Jörg has been working in the IT industry. Starting off as a developer for ERP solutions and distribution logistics, he has subsequently gained broad experience as a project manager and consultant in various SAP Hybris projects since 2007. Jörg… Bekijk alle 6 berichten
Marc van Rijswijk

Auteur Marc van Rijswijk

SAP Consultant - Food & Agriculture Marc van Rijswijk is a Supply Chain Consultant, active in the Food & Agriculture industry. After completing his master’s degree in Business Administration, he wanted to develop his IT knowledge. Consequently, he attended and completed a SAP traineeship. Since then, he worked on several… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Geuko Bosker

Auteur Geuko Bosker

Innovations Director Geuko Bosker is sinds 2003 werkzaam binnen itelligence Benelux en voorgaande bedrijven. Bosker begon in 1998 zijn carrière bij Capgemini, waar hij aan het werk ging als SAP ABAP Consultant. In 2003 maakte hij de overstap naar zijn volgende werkgever BBIT Consulting. In 2007… Bekijk alle 4 berichten
Steven de Bruijn

Auteur Steven de Bruijn

Life Science Consultant / Computer System Validation Expert, itelligence Benelux Steven de Bruijn is a Life Sciences Consultant for itelligence in The Netherlands. He is able to bridge the gap between quality assurance and information technology, using his regulatory knowledge to support clients reaching their goals in a compliant manner. Steven specializes in validation… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Frans Nieuweboer

Auteur Frans Nieuweboer

Director Life Sciences & Chemicals Frans Nieuweboer graduated Cum Laude at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in Technical Business in 1996. In the years that followed, he became an expert in consultancy and specialized in Logistics and IT at Coopers & Lybrand. In the year 2000 he started Goldfish ICT… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Stefan Hoffmann

Auteur Stefan Hoffmann

Industry Solutions Principal, WSD, itelligence Inc. Stefan Hoffmann is an Industry Solutions Principal for itelligence North America focused on the Wholesale Distribution Industry. In this role he specializes in helping wholesale distributors with enterprise resource planning, digital technology and process transformation. Hoffmann has more than 25 years of experience in… Bekijk alle 3 berichten
Bo Andersen

Auteur Bo Andersen

Senior Sales Manager For the last five years, I’ve headed up international sales of itelligence products. Living in Germany, I’m acting out of itelligence Nordic. I work primarily as business developer, doing enablement of local sales staff as well as support sales and presales activities in the… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Oliver Schöps

Auteur Oliver Schöps

Head of Sales – Products & Cloud Solutions Since 2009, Oliver Schöps has been working in the field of IT product sales. After working in a software systems house in the B2B/EDI context, he moved to itelligence and took over the specialist sales unit for integration products (it.x-products & SAP NetWeaver PO)… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Rob van Neck

Auteur Rob van Neck

Strategic Business Consultant itelligence Benelux I’m business consultant at itelligence Benelux with considerable international project experience. I pride myself for being positive and projecting leadership through my driven desire to perform. I aim at maintaining a pleasant working environment by stimulating my colleagues through engaged encouragement. I divide my… Bekijk alle 8 berichten
Hans Kourimsky

Auteur Hans Kourimsky

Head of Global Supply Chain Digital Practice Hans Kourimsky is the head of the global digital Supply chain practice at itelligence. Since 2000, he has been active in supply chain implementations of SAP software. As a specialist with long-term and far-reaching expertise, Hans Kourimsky is in charge of strategic development and… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Christian Schmidt

Auteur Christian Schmidt

Director Data & Intelligence, Innovation Technologies I am the Director Innovation Technologies for itelligence. Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Kris Steegmans

Auteur Kris Steegmans

SLcM consultant I am an SLcM consultant, specialised in the Student LifeCycle Management solution of SAP. Within this solution my expertise lies mainly in the field of Study Progress, Study Guidance, Registration of exam results, Graduation and Certification. Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Wolfgang Möller

Auteur Wolfgang Möller

Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things For more than 25 years Wolfgang Möller has been working in the SAP business. As consultant, project leader, and management consultant, he has operated in a lot of international projects. At itelligence, since 2000, Wolfgang Möller is responsible for the automobile industry and, for… Bekijk alle 9 berichten
Marcel Pothof

Auteur Marcel Pothof

Director Food & Agro Marcel Pothof, een van de directieleden van itelligence, heeft zich in de afgelopen 25 jaar altijd bezig gehouden met de vertaling van business vraagstukken naar IT oplossingen. Na zijn studie bestuurlijke informatiekunde heeft hij voor zowel de supply chain als financiële processen primair SAP… Bekijk alle 10 berichten
Yvonne van Straten

Auteur Yvonne van Straten

Consultant Wholesale & Professional Services Yvonne van Straten is a motivated business professional in the wholesale and professional services industry. Implementing processes and not systems, Yvonne acts as a trusted business advisor to supports organizations in implementing and optimizing their SAP cloud solutions. Yvonne has over ten years of… Bekijk alle 3 berichten
Pim Lucas Braun

Auteur Pim Lucas Braun

Consultant Education Pim Lucas Braun graduated at Zuyd University in Maastricht with a degree in International Communication; he did a major in Chinese Language and also studied at Beijing University of Technology in China. After graduating Pim Lucas started as Student Lifecycle Management (SLCM) consultant at… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Bret Applegate

Auteur Bret Applegate

Senior Manager, Managed Services Customer Engagements Bret Applegate is a senior SAP Technical Professional with 15 years of IT industry experience, serving in a variety of roles ranging from SAP Basis Consultant, SAP Basis Lead, SAP Technical Architect, Hosting Delivery Manager for the itelligence Managed Cloud division, and, finally, in… Bekijk alle 4 berichten
Mark Arts

Auteur Mark Arts

Director Education & Research In 1999, Mark Arts graduated from Maastricht University with a degree in International Business Studies. He stayed on as a teacher at the Marketing department and later on took up the position of project manager. In that capacity, he was responsible for the implementation… Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Paul Tijssen

Auteur Paul Tijssen

SAP SCM Consultant Paul Tijssen is SAP SCM consultant sinds 2008. Hij heeft een studieachtergrond op het gebied van logistiek en technische vervoerskunde en richt zich sinds 2006 op het grensvlak van SCM en ICT. De diversiteit aan projecten en omvang van klantorganisaties binnen LE en SME,… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Martijn van Giessel

Auteur Martijn van Giessel

Business Consultant Martijn is particularly experienced in global projects, in which he has worked with many cultures. It is clear that the projects he has worked on are usually defined as change projects, in which the ERP system mainly acts as a means. The challenge to… Bekijk alle 8 berichten
Marc van den Berk

Auteur Marc van den Berk

Sr Project Manager (Transformation, Change and Project Management) I am an experienced Professional, always on the cutting edge of Customer, IT and Innovation. I am part of itelligence’s exclusive international DELTA network. “DELTA’S” are nominated and seen as gatekeepers of itelligence’s cultural values. I inspire and guide customers in projects, change management… Bekijk alle 12 berichten
Thomas Nørmark

Auteur Thomas Nørmark

Director, Innovation & Technology I am a LoB director at itelligence Nordic, located in Denmark. I work in both management, product development, consulting and innovation. Since 2004, I have been working in several huge implementation projects as team lead, architect and implementation consultant. Recently I have started focusing… Bekijk alle 5 berichten
Bart Bakker

Auteur Bart Bakker

SAP SCM Consultant Na afronding van zijn studie internationale bedrijfskunde aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, is hij gaan werken bij itelligence op het snijvlak van Supply Chain en IT. De combinatie van zijn bedrijfskundige achtergrond, end to-end ERP implementaties , en projecten bij verschillende Food & Agro… Bekijk alle 4 berichten
Wim Cochet

Auteur Wim Cochet

Senior Solution Expert (Education) In 2005 Wim Cochet started as a SAP HCM consultant specialized in the banking sector. In 2007 Wim made the switch to the education market. With a lot of enthusiasm and drive he was a lead consultant involved in implementing and upgrading IT-systems of… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Milko van Reisen

Auteur Milko van Reisen

Supply Chain Consultant Food & Agriculture Milko van Reisen has studied Mechanical Engineering in Delft. Since then he worked for different Food & Agro customers producing all different types of food like Coffee, Tea, Meat, Cheese, Milk, Beer, Baby Food and flowers. His main expertise is in Supply Chain Planning,… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Inga Vogel

Auteur Inga Vogel

Head of International Marketing Head of International Marketing, responsible for the content/campaign factory as well as liaison between our global marketing community, external and internal partners. Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Ingo Jochim

Auteur Ingo Jochim

Manager - Cloud Implementation Ingo Jochim has worked for itelligence as Senior Architect in Dresden since 2010, focusing on implementation and automation of large cloud environments. Ingo has more than 15 years experience in data center operations and likes Enduro off-road races. Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Robin Brekelmans

Auteur Robin Brekelmans

Consultant Food & Agriculture Robin is a young ERP consultant with experience in various projects in the food & agri industry. Being mainly involved in data migration and governance, Robin knows the key challenges that these topics bring along. Good quality master data is essential for businesses, and… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Simen Huuse

Auteur Simen Huuse

Principal Expert, Innovation & Technology Simen is Norwegian native, currently stationed in Palo Alto, California. At itelligence he is a Principal Expert for Innovation and Technology and part of the Global Business Solution Team. He loves innovating with SAP tools, and has done so for over 10 years. He… Bekijk alle 5 berichten
Sarah Reitema

Auteur Sarah Reitema

Finance consultant and industry expert Sarah Reitema, LLM MA, is a finance consultant, IT philosopher and industry expert in the food & agri sector. As lead consultant SAP Finance & Controlling, she has experience in both large-scale international harmonisation projects and smaller-scale projects at family businesses. In addition to… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Ansgar Weege

Auteur Ansgar Weege

Consultant My name is Ansgar Weege. I'm working as a consultant for MM and WPB at itelligence AG. Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Peter Jongsma

Auteur Peter Jongsma

Senior Consultant / Expert Education Peter heeft vele jaren ervaring binnen het hoger onderwijs en onderzoek. Hij werkte zeventien jaar aan een universiteit en maakt sinds 2016 deel uit van itelligence. Hij is een generalist met een voorliefde voor organisatie en verandermanagement, maar zijn belangrijkste expertise ligt bij procesbeheer… Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Andy Steer

Auteur Andy Steer

Chief Technology Officer I have responsibility for defining and driving the evolution of the business in step with our customers and partners. I spend most of my time listening and learning from 3 sets of people; our customers, our partners and our employees to ensure that we… Bekijk alle 10 berichten
Bill Strasser

Auteur Bill Strasser

Senior Vice President, Managed Services, itelligence North America Bill Strasser is Senior Vice President of Managed Services for itelligence. He has more than 20 years in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Manufacturing and Medical Devices, with a focus on building IT organizations that partner with the business to gain significant value… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Mark Albrecht

Auteur Mark Albrecht

Vice President Global Head of Innovation Als Vice President Global Head of Innovation bei der itelligence AG ist Mark Albrecht verantwortlich für die SAP Innovationen, sowie Adaption der neusten SAP Technologien mit dem Schwerpunkt auf die Key-Technologien im Bereich SAP Leonardo, sowie die übergreifende Koordination und Abstimmung mit den Landesgesellschaften,… Bekijk alle 7 berichten
Roland Combé

Auteur Roland Combé

Consultant at Discrete Industries Roland is afkomstig van de Koninklijke Luchtmacht waarvoor hij diverse SAP migraties heeft mogen doen en begeleiden. Hij is altijd opzoek naar de slimste en beste oplossing voor de klant. Door zijn ervaring binnen de logistiek van het vliegtuigonderhoud kan hij zich goed in… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Jules Timmers

Auteur Jules Timmers

Senior SLcM Consultant itelligence Benelux I am an SAP professional, specialized in SAP SLcM and SAP FICA. Within these areas I am mainly focusing on student accounting (tuition fee calculation) and contract accounting (incoming/outgoing payments, clearing and dunning processes). Through the years I have gained international experience by being… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Norbert Rotter

Auteur Norbert Rotter

Chief Executive Officer A qualified bank clerk, Norbert Rotter studied business administration at the University of Paderborn and the University of Limerick, Ireland. In 1995, he began his extensive career at the Bielefeld office of the global audit company KPMG Deutsche Treuhandgesellschaft AG, where he was responsible… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Martin Tieves

Auteur Martin Tieves

Technology Consultant (Process/ Cloud Integration) With focus on process and cloud integration I am working for the itelligence AG since 2013. In this regard I have specialized on the platforms SAP NetWeaver Process Integration and SAP HANA Cloud Integration. Especially, the fast growing field of hybrid cloud solutions is… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Emery Streit

Auteur Emery Streit

Practice Manager, SAP Solution Manager Emery Streit is currently the Practice Lead for the itelligence North America SAP Solution Manager program. He specializes in Application Lifecycle Management and support processes/tools for SAP Centers of Excellence. He has over 15 years of experience with IT Service Management and ITIL processes,… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Paul Mathijssen

Auteur Paul Mathijssen

Senior Consultant Paul Mathijssen graduated at Avans University of applies sciences with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation Paul worked in Sales for 3 years before joining itelligence as a Student Lifecycle Managements (SLcM) consultant where his main expertise is the domain of Admission and… Bekijk alle 0 berichten
Laurens Steffers

Auteur Laurens Steffers

Consultant Food & Agriculture "Personally I think I have the best job in the world! Working as a developer with the newest technologies SAP and Mendix have to offer and working as a Design Thinking consultant to help users to get the best possible solution they haven’t even… Bekijk alle 10 berichten
Elmer Kramer

Auteur Elmer Kramer

Medior SAP Consultant Elmer heeft een passie voor kwaliteit in de food & agro en wordt blij van het bedenken van innovatieve oplossingen voor klanten. Hij houdt van de combinatie mens en techniek – wat terug te zien is in zijn studiecombinatie Biomedische Wetenschappen en Antropologie. Digitale… Bekijk alle 4 berichten
Michiel Mijdam

Auteur Michiel Mijdam

Project manager and consultant Michiel werkt sinds 2006 in de wereld van SAP en heeft in 2013 de stap gemaakt naar SAP Cloud. Als inhoudelijk consultant is hij altijd een all-rounder geweest met een nadruk op de logistieke processen. De focus van itelligence op de Cloud heeft Michiel… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Marco Emmenegger

Auteur Marco Emmenegger

SAP Expert Consultant / Projektleiter MAS Business Consulting Die Füsse im ÖL, die Hände an den “Things“ und das Gehirn in der Cloud: Als SAP Expert Consultant bei itelligence in der Schweiz bewege ich mich einerseits in der klassischen ERP Welt als Modulberater in den Bereichen SD, CS, PM bis zu generellen… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Danny Groothuis

Auteur Danny Groothuis

Consultant Life Sciences industry Danny Groothuis is an all-round functional SAP consultant within the Life Sciences industry. With his roots in the plant maintenance area of expertise and propelled by an entrepreneurial background, his skillset allows Danny to be keen on the opportunities that new technologies can bring… Bekijk alle 3 berichten
Ulrich Meine

Auteur Ulrich Meine

Head of Global Managed Services Product Management Ulrich Meine has been working in the information technology industry for about 20 years. He held several positions at IT service companies as well as in other industries. His work always focussed on SAP technology and data center system operations. He joined itelligence in… Bekijk alle 10 berichten
Tom Saeys

Auteur Tom Saeys

Solution Director Innovations Technologies Tom Saeys is Solution Director at the Innovations Technologies team at itelligence. He is responsible for the Blockchain development and strategy at itelligence. As a member of the Education Competence Center at itelligence BNL, he leverages the it.education solution as a global standardized template.… Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Camille van Dongen


Sales Director Camille van Dongen gained his experience in IT in various positions within various companies since 1999. Camille is a salesman in heart and soul and has held the position of Sales Director at itelligence Benelux since 2014. He is mainly active in the Discrete… Bekijk alle 7 berichten
Frank Jacobs

Auteur Frank Jacobs

SAP S/4HANA Solution Architect Frank is a very experienced, professional and certified all-round SAP solution architect, always looking for the best fit for his customers. He is very versatile in any SAP environment, from specialist to generalist and has independently executed many international SAP implementation, optimization and support… Bekijk alle 2 berichten
Henrik Bruentrup

Auteur Henrik Bruentrup

Global Business Solutions Bielefeld-based Henrik Bruentrup has been active in multiple international projects as well as the maintenance of a global Demo landscape. His focus hereby lies on Frontend/Gateway related activities, consisting of the setup, implementation and maintenance of SAP’s new UX Fiori 2.0 and the integration… Bekijk alle 1 berichten
Hein Kivits

Auteur Hein Kivits

Director Wholesale & Professional Services Hein Kivits is sinds 1996 werkzaam in de IT dienstverlening en gedurende die periode heeft hij diverse sales, sales management en unit management rollen vervuld. Tevens heeft Hein bij verschillende projecten vanuit de implementatiepartner de rol van stuurgroeplid vervuld. In 2003 de overstap gemaakt… Bekijk alle 15 berichten


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