Design Thinking

He ticked me on the shoulder and said: Hey Marc, great Design Thinking workshop last week!

When visiting a conference mid of June, somebody ticked me on the shoulder and said: Hey Marc, great workshop last week! This person is an information manager. He was part of Design Workshop that I executed for the organization he works. In the review session the participants showed their enthusiasm already, but getting this feedback personally and one week later, was valuable to me.

Do you know Bill MCdermott? He SAP’s CEO. He said in an interview earlier this month: “I’ve always been a true believer in the power of design thinking. Every customer should put this process to work”

Before I continue. What is Design Thinking? I quote Wikipedia: “Design thinking is an approach that can be used to consider issues, with a means to help resolve these issues”. SAP’s definition: Design Thinking is a new, fresh way of engaging to find human meaning and use for technology. The flexible and collaborative Design Thinking approach will help you think differently about your business, address known pain points, explore the unknown and innovate!”

To me Design Thinking has 2 strong pillars:

    1. User empathy : the process and outcome is based on the situation, pain points and needs of the involved user(s)
    2. Prototype : drawing, sketching a rough idea on how the solution may look like, is really eye opening. Executing this in a cross functional team is very valuable. And visiting the users you interviewed in the first phase showing them proudly your prototype that should answer his needs, gives you valuable feedback on the potential success of your solution.

Going back to the person that, after more than a week, still was enthusiastic…

He was part of a very special Design Thinking workshop. A SPEED Version ! Due to several reasons we only had 4hrs to run the workshop with the team. Because I executed interviews in the day’s before and prepared content, we had a flying start of the workshop and the teams presented their prototypes just after 3,5 hours.

Why was this person so happy with their Design Thinking Workshop?

I think… because, in a collaborative and guided way, based on user empathy, they visualized their desired solution by creating a prototype. The data gained from Design Thinking and this prototype is now one of the foundations of their roadmap. It provides direction in which this organization wants to transform.

Please reach out to me for questions or ideas on Design Thinking.


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