First University to implement shop functionality

Saxion first University to implement shop functionality

2nd of May 2016 – Saxion University of Applied Sciences will be one of the very first universities on the Dutch market to implement a shop functionality. This is no traditional shop, but an educational institution, which will be working with an e-commerce solution. With SAP Hybris, the student enrollment will be faster and easier than ever.

Saxion and the SAP Platinum Partner itelligence are both very excited about the collaboration. “The time of online application forms has finally ceased,” says Cora Woltring, project manager at the Saxion Parttime School. “You immediately enter the digital environment of SAP Hybris, which enables you to choose between different programs and modules. In this case you are shopping for the courses you would like to enroll in.


Brushing up knowledge

The first step will be the implementation of SAP Hybris within the economical division of Saxion. For the time being, retrained students will mostly use the new digital environment. This may be individually, as well as through an employer. The employer can arrange agreements with Saxion to enable the employee to log in into the system and choose the most suitable courses.

One of the benefits of SAP Hybris is the future possibility to integrate this e-commerce solution into the existing Student Information System (SIS), providing the best user experience for students and customers. One of the many ambitions Saxion has is to guide the student from the purchase of the course to the graduation. “SAP Hybris is a ‘state of the art’ commerce solution,” explains Marc van den Berk of itelligence. “It’s one of the best platforms on the market, containing lots of best practices in commerce. It supports the Business to Consumer processes, as well as Business to Business, which is one of the most important advantages for Saxion”.


90 Modules

Redefining the organization by enlarging its flexibility and optimizing what we have to offer: that’s what Saxion is doing by choosing for SAP Hybris. Woltring: “We can stack modules and will be more competitive on the commercial market. As a student or trainee, you can choose from at least 90 offered modules. By the end of the year, this number should be risen to 170 modules. For professionals of all educational levels who seek modular enhancement on their knowledge, this will be a perfect fit.


Associate degree

Should it occur that a student reaches the possibility to achieve an Associate Degree; the platform will inform the student about which courses he or she needs to attend to complete this degree. “Not only the student or trainee, but also the industry will benefit from this innovation”, thus the Project Manager of Saxion.



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