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it.lifescience for plasma - Best Practices for Blood Plasma Donation Traceability

Gain full transparency. Reduce time to insight. Take control with one-click batch traceability from single plasma donation to finished product. Discover our integrated SAP industry software that smartens and accelerates the production of blood plasma derived medicines.

Ahead of the Curve with Blood Plasma Donation Traceability

Simplify your plasma donation management process. Eliminate the complexity involved with working in separate, custom-built software systems. Avoid the time-consuming hassle of error prone manual – and often duplicate – work. We have the answer to challenges manufacturers of plasma derived medicines struggle with.

First of its kind in the global blood plasma processing industry, it.lifesciences for plasma offers a unique integrated software solution. It ensures a single source of truth throughout all relevant end-to-end-processes, from single donation to finished plasma derived medicines. The software enables one-click batch traceability reporting in highly regulated environments. And, it supports all aspects of GxP and Computer System Validation.

Our Groundbreaking Solution in Numbers

10 seconds to generate a lookback report

1 click to generate traceability reports up to donation level

6-8 months to implement our solution

Sanquin Plasma Products

We have a partnership with itelligence that goes far beyond a customer-supplier relationship. This is not just about the available knowledge, but also about the way in which we do business with one another.

Duco Brouwer, Vice President Supply Chain Management, Sanquin Plasma Products

Are These Your Challenges in Plasma Derived Medicine Manufacturing?

  • Are you losing valuable time building batch traceability reports up to donation level through multiple and separate applications like ERP, LIMS, QMS, or bespoke systems?
  • Do you find it difficult or strenuous to trace single plasma donations through your entire end-to-end-process?
  • Is it hard to obtain full transparent and real-time insight in your manufacturing process for plasma derived medicines?
  • Does it take too much time to produce your products and release them to the market?

it.lifesciences for plasma – and our other life sciences and pharmaceuticals solutions – helps you to optimize your processes in a validated manner.

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Discover the Benefits of it.lifesciences for plasma

  • One integrated single source application for plasma traceability reporting. From single donation to packed product.
  • Supports the business model for plasma manufacturers and for Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO model).
  • High level of flexibility due to partner specific (interfacing) configuration possibilities.
  • GxP and CSV ready: The accelerator comes with a standardized set of deliverables that support GxP regulations and are in line with GaMP5.
  • Runs on SAP ECC as well as on SAP S/4HANA.
  • Based on proven SAP technology.

Our Blood Plasma Donation Traceability Solution in a Glance

What Features Can You Expect from Our Blood Plasma Software?

  • Covers the entire process from single donation to finished product. Ensures batch traceability from a single data source.
  • Encompasses extensive possibilities for partner interactions.
  • Integrates with electronic bleeding list and LIMS test results.
  • Integrates all warehouse features for plasma receipt, different stages of plasma storage in the end-to-end-process and for logistics in one single solution. All supported by handheld RF scanners.
  • Supports all processes in plasma scanning and identification, including an integration with weighing scales and signal towers for visual alarm support.
  • Integrates the different processes in plasma batch composition, such as pallet monitor and selection, and control scanning.
  • Accommodates all quality and logistical aspects of lookback management to ensure an even greater batch quality.

Download the solution brief with all features

Our Accelerator for Blood Plasma Donation Management is Based on:

  • Our SAP Qualified it.lifesciences Partner Packaged Solution.
  • Over twenty five years of experience in the human blood plasma industry.
  • Thorough insight in industry specific business processes.
  • A deep understanding of working in strict validated environments.
  • Expert knowledge of and experience in SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA.

Are you searching for solutions that will accelerate your manufacturing process of blood plasma derived medicines even further? We understand the industry through and through. And, we are passionate about enabling your organization to excel beyond expectations.

Product Information about it.lifesciences for plasma

it.lifesciences for plasma: Stay Ahead with Blood Plasma Donation Traceability

Our SAP best practice solution for manufacturers of blood plasma derived medicines. Find all information in our solution brief.

Download the solution brief

Your Validated Partner in the Blood Plasma Manufacturing Industry

We have been around for more than 25 years, working side by side with companies in the human blood plasma manufacturing industry. We improve their business processes, while continuously maintaining end-to-end compliancy with increasingly strict rules and regulations. To cater to your every industry specific need, we’ve tailored the SAP based it.lifesciences for plasma software. It can be up and running in accordance with GxP in a short period of time and makes use of proven accelerators.

We are an experienced SAP recognized partner. Highly skilled in validated software implementations, Validated Managed services, and Validated Managed Cloud.

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