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Automate Repetitive Tasks with Robotics Process Automation

Learn how RPA Technology is Bringing Intelligent Process Automation to Work

What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a form of software used to automate repetitive, rule-based tasks – like moving files and folders or extracting data from documents. Rather than leave those tasks to human employees, RPA bots can perform them on demand, in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take.

They are a tool that enables organizations to create efficiencies in their operations through intelligent automation. They’re simple to set up and work on any platform.

What Tasks Can RPA Bots Automate for You?

Manual & Repetitive Tasks

High Volume Tasks

Tasks in Multiple Systems

What are the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation?

  • Process cycles times are much faster compared to manual approaches
  • Bots are available 24/7, without interruption
  • Routine tasks are performed the same way every time
  • Bots follow regulatory compliance rules and provide an audit trail history
  • Bots don’t make human errors, like typos
  • Underlying legacy system are unaffected, reducing the burden on IT
  • Workers are free to work on higher-value, more fulfilling tasks

Time Saving of 60% with RPA Software

With 15,000 incoming invoices per year, the manual process of handling invoices had become too great – a challenge for the Dutch Mechan Groep, who supply world-leading brands in the tractor and agricultural equipment sector. The company was faced either with employing more resources to handle routine invoice management or with transferring operation to software robots to automate and streamline the task. Mechan Groep decided to implement it.capture from itelligence, which is based on robot software and artificial intelligence. It saved 60% of the time their used to spend on creating inovices.

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Nilfisk A/S

I am simply crazy about this robot solution. It digitalizes our order process, reduces the number of key errors, and in the end it releases resources that we can use to optimize our customer service instead.

Lena Melander, Project Manager, Customer Service Nordic, Nilfisk A/S

Robotics Process Automation Examples

RPA software is flexible and can be applied to all sorts of business processes to achieve a number of different goals. Here are a few specific examples of what RPA bots can do for you:

  • Launch various applications and log in automatically
  • Open emails and attachments
  • Copy and paste data and move files and folders
  • Process data by following logical rules or making calculations
  • Extract data from documents, fill out forms, merge data from multiple sources
  • Extract and reformat data into reports or dashboards
  • Augment information by scraping data from the web, including social media
  • Integrate with enterprise tools by connecting to system API’s or reading and writing to databases

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#teamitelligence Joins SAP Digital Hackathon about Intelligent RPA

We are happy to announce that we are joining the SAP Digital Hackathon about intelligent Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) on the 18th to 24th September. Participants will test their creativity in a hackathon where they will develop their own Intelligent RPA application!

SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation shapes the Intelligent Enterprise with Process Excellence. IRPA reduces the presence of repetitive and manual activities, reinvent processes and improve continuously, and make customers happier with a better experience by letting them focus more on key priorities.

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Infographic: How Robotic Process Automation Works

Simulating Human Interactions with Software

Want even more information on RPA, cognitive RPA, and their many use cases? Click here to download our infographic.

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Our References: 30+ RPA Customers Worldwide


RPA Technology at a Glance

itelligence can help you implement RPA solutions and add efficiency and time savings to your business. Here’s a look at some of the technology rely on.


We are UiPath Diamond Partner in the EMEA region and have realized more than 50 projects where 40+ certified consultants helped customers getting the most out of this leading RPA platform.

Learn more about RPA software on UIPath’s website

SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation (IRPA)

For SAP’s ecosystem, IRPA is a great option that allows for digital access and provides SAP robot templates.

Learn more about this solution on SAP’s website

WinActor and WinDirector

NTT Group’s RPA software WinActor was developed in 2010. It automates all your Windows OS applications. WinDirector was developed to manage and control WinActor. We not only automate with WinActor, but also support your business efficiency from the viewpoint of standardization and simplification of business processes.

Learn more about RPA software on NTT DATA’s website

Adrian Kostrz

We Help You with Intelligent Automation

It’s satisfying when we can save people time and help our customers become more efficient. RPA bots do just that. Software should handle the repetitive, monotonous tasks. Leave the high-value duties to your human employees.

Adrian Kostrz
Innovation Technologies, itelligence AG

Start Your RPA Project in Less Than 5 Weeks

RPA bots can bring speed, accuracy, and efficiency to your business, and itelligence has the experience and expertise to make that happen. Our proven RPA methodology covers the whole lifecycle of a bot. It defines clear activities, deliverables and roles for each of the phases within the bot lifecycle. Utilizing a best practice approach our proof of concept includes a complete analysis and redesign of your RPA related business process and a fully functioning RPA bot – in less than 5 weeks.

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Automate Your Invoice and Approval Processes with RPA

Our itelligence solution it.document handling suite helps you with streamlined invoicing, and approved document management. It’s based on RPA software, cognitive technology and artificial intelligence and gets smarter the more documents it handles.

Learn more about it.document handling suite

What is Cognitive RPA?

More advanced RPA software, sometimes referred to as ‘cognitive RPA’ technology, adds powerful AI capabilities to RPA bots. With text analytics and machine learning, for example, these bots can read and draw conclusions from unstructured data, like an email that might even have misspellings. They can then automatically insert the relative information from that email into a different document or a structured form. But that’s just one example, RPA bots of all kinds have many use cases. When Artificial Intelligence is involved, they can be made to learn, improve, and become more efficient as they carry out their tasks.

Co-Innovate with itelligence

You want to innovate. But do you know where to start? When it comes to innovation, there is no standard path to take or a one-size-fits-all solution. Co-innovating with itelligence means actually getting it done. Our approach transfers first ideas into sustainable results to help you reach your full potential. Quickly, affordably and based on vast experiences.

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