Hello Madrid – Part 3

I have to start my recollections of Wednesday at TechEd with a confession. I have a terrible headache… Before you draw any hasty conclusions involving alcohol, let me explain. I decided to start Wednesday by attending a 2 hour detailed presentation on the future direction of the SAP BW Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA) which involves a progression towards LSA++. When the presenter begins their session with a warning that the content is going to be “dry” then you know there are potential challenges ahead. Suffice to say I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation but I could feel my brain complaining after the first 15 minutes. The key takeaway was that the application of HANA is not only delivering new products but that the so called “halo effect” is also pushing many of the existing product teams to reassess how they will deliver value in the future which can only be a good thing.

Unfortunately I had to leave the LSA++ session before the end, but I had a good reason. I needed to head across to the main TechEd hall to see a good friend of mine (also an ex colleague) presenting on his experiences deploying BusinessObjects 4.0 as part of a 5 year program in a large multi national. Mark Cooper (https://twitter.com/McBobJ) delivered an excellent session which was thought provoking, insightful, and most important humorous, thanks!

I then spent some time with one of our Business Analytics customers who had travelled across to Sapphire as they are interested in deploying SAP ERP into their organisation. We had arranged a number of 1 on 1 sessions for them with various SAP industry experts, something that they found incredibly valuable. Many thanks to all the individuals at SAP who helped to make this happen, we appreciate your support.

Before the end of the day I managed to catch up with Andrew Fox to attend a BusinessObjects hands on lab focussed on Visual Intelligence, the session was very busy and was run by Paul and David from SAP Paris. If you have not seen Visual Intelligence in action then I would strongly recommend that you take a look, it is an excellent tool for visualising data and is on an incredibly fast development cycle with new releases coming on a monthly basis. You can find out more here http://youtu.be/myMO7tMLmL4

With the conference finished for the day, it was a pleasure to take our visiting customer out for dinner and despite what you may have seen on the news, central Madrid was peaceful and quiet when we ventured out.

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