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Proactive application management services

We help you stay one step ahead. With SAP, you can increase the stability of your applications and keep your systems running at their peak. To help you achieve this, we proactively monitor and optimise your IT performance. We’re always thinking ahead and working closely with your internal IT staff. So we are ready to stop application issues before they turn into business problems. And when your needs change, our application management services adapt to meet new demands on your business, your IT and data. It’s what you would expect from an SAP Global Application Management Provider with ISO 20000 certification.


Get the strategy that fits your demands

Your IT drives your business forward. When your applications run smoothly, you can achieve your business goals, not just execute your IT strategy. Our close partnership with SAP makes us your ideal choice. We can help you translate technology into business value and manage your increasing IT complexity. Using our application management advisory services, we will work with you to define the right approach. So when the time is right, you can make the most of SAP innovations in analytics, SAP HANA, mobility and cloud. As you expand and meet new demands, you can adapt to new markets, customers and opportunities.


Support that’s tailored to your needs

Our application management services match the demands on your IT operations. Our approach is simple: global capabilities, local presence. Based on a certified global delivery platform, you can choose from our mix of on-site, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore resources. Always flexible and designed to meet your IT and business needs. If requested, you can call on local experts in more than 24 countries, who understand your business and can speak your language. We will define and agree service levels, which fit your specific environment. And we’ll help you achieve the right balance of cost-efficiency and appropriate safeguarding.

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