We cooperated with itelligence to implement our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project that we have been working on the prototype to automate tasks with low added value requiring human labor. Delivery and assembly of any product we sell in any location within Turkey is now planned by a robot software. As we have been working together with itelligence for 3 years, itelligence teams have become capable of supporting not only our factories, but also our headquarters in Çerkezköy and Ümraniye, as well as our operations in Russia.

Berke Menekli, BSH VP IT T-MEA-CIS

Herausforderungen und Vorteile


  • To improve after-sale customer satisfaction
  • To make effective schedules for SQL database updates
  • To optimize transfer order process by using the production data from the main material warehouse
  • To accelerate the approval process for logistics invoices


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


  • Much easier, faster and more accurate product delivery and assembly operations
  • Using optimum level of human power in tasks with low added value
  • Innovative ideas that can be implemented with existing enterprise solutions, without any R&D investment

BSH - RPA Project

Innovative White Goods Exported Globally

BSH operates within Bosch group with a total of 60 thousand employees globally and its largest factory is located in Tekirdağ, Turkey. BSH Turkey is also responsible for operations in 130 countries and 9 production facilities including Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Asia-Pacific. Recognized as the owner of the first R&D Center certification in Turkey, BSH Turkey exports innovative products with patented technologies developed in our country to the whole world.

BSH Vice President, IT summarizes the company’s cooperation with itelligence as follows: “We met itelligence in 2016 when we considered the ways to consolidate our fragmented IT landscape. One of the most determining factors in choosing itelligence as our business partner was its end-to-end support in such a big project in terms of both scale and scope. Experienced itelligence teams work at our operations in all factories in Turkey, as well as in Russia. Although we started with the concept of standard consultancy services, our cooperation is now evolving into an AMS (Application Management Services) model.”

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