Simmons and Simmons

Simmons & Simmons employs over 2,000 people and has 21 offices in business and financial centres in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The firm adopted an ambitious performance management strategy that aimed to increase profitability by improving performance in a number of areas.

Herausforderungen und Vorteile


  • Developing a practice-group and geographical matrix management framework
  • Managing the utilisation of fee-earners more effectively
  • Adopting a strong sector focus
  • Improving key client relationships internationally
  • Improving recruitment and retention rates
  • Improving back-office processes and efficiency


  • Achievement of a 25% growth in profit per partner
  • Saving of time for month-end financial processing
  • Planning process has been greatly improved
  • More effective management of resources
  • Information is consistent, accurate and more easily accessible
  • Provides a better basis for strategic decision-making


  • SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator
  • SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Budgeting
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

Simmons and Simmons, United Kingdom

Global Performance Management System

About the Project

Simmons & Simmons decided to commission a business intelligence system that would allow the firm to assess the profitability and performance of clients, regions, practice areas, partners and fee-earners in each of its target sectors. This global performance monitoring and reporting application would be based on SAP BusinessObjects technology. Simmons & Simmons engaged itelligence to assist with the definition, design and project management of the new system. itelligence completed the project in phases, providing Simmons & Simmons with access to the system’s core capabilities as the project progressed.

Through secure web pages and dashboards accessed via the firm’s intranet, users can now monitor all of the firm’s key performance indicators easily. ‘Guided analysis’ features help them to find the information they need quickly.

  • Billing: billing information can be analysed by partner, fee earner, client and business area. The system also offers a sector overview to support the firm’s strategic plan.
  • Profitability: analysis of fee earner utilisation helps the firm to improve profitability, make better use of its current resources and forecast what resources it will require in each business area.
  • Online appraisal: an online partner appraisal system measures business development and feeearning performance by combining information from HR, CRM and financial systems.
  • Planning: the workflow features of SAP BusinessObects Planning help to speed up and streamline the budgeting and planning process.
  • Performance management: the system employs key performance indicators and a balanced scorecard, which enable Simmons & Simmons explore and analyse cause-and-effect linkages within its business.

Partners can check their own billing information, allowing them to monitor their performance in ‘real time’. All reports can be updated on demand, typically within ten seconds, and users can switch between sterling and other reporting currencies. Standard reports are available as required; others are routed directly to nominated users.

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