Tube Specialties Company

The migration to SAP HANA has been a true success within our organization. Of course we experienced the usual trials and tribulations, but never once did we lose a day of business, key data or communication with our customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with itelligence as we continue to achieve our business goals.

Peter Schubert, Systems Development Manager, Tube Specialties Company

Tube Specialties Company (TSCO), founded in 1963, is the industry leader for tube forming to many of the world’s largest transportation OEM’s.
As a company that provides supply chain management, product assembly and consumer direct product packaging services, Tube Specialties offers solutions for today’s complex tube manipulation and steel fabrication requirements.
TSCO is leading supplier to OEMs across a number of industries that include automotive, trucking, medical, outdoor recreation and more.

Herausforderungen und Vorteile


  • More resources to manage and maintain the servers
  • More constructive and effective way to capture customer orders


  • Increase of product requirements document (PRD) retrieval rate by 95%
  • Improve the system and user performance
  • Seamless and non-disruptive transition for users
  • Improve the view into data


  • Implementation of SAP
  • Implementation of SAP HANA

Tube Specialties, Troutdale, Oregon, United States

Delivering real business power with SAP HANA: A real world example

About the Project

Through extensive research and evaluating current company needs, it was clear to Tube Specialties that SAP was investing heavily in SAP HANA as the platform of the future. This migration path seemed the most appropriate and advantageous for Tube Specialties as well.

After a seamless transition, the company went live on SAP HANA in January 2015. The architectural change has been a big step for developers as it allows greater flexibility. From the user perspective, the changes have been transparent. The process for accessing data runs very fast, and the company anticipates it will have a disruptive effect on the way that information is handled and decisions are made – a true business intelligence transformation.

On SAP HANA, Tube Specialties has experienced a measured 95 percent reduction in the run time of targeted ECC transactions, freeing FTE’s throughout the plants from short duration wait states. Business intelligence will empower the company to analyze and detect patterns, anomalies, outliers, etc. This is a tremendous benefit as users can study the results to better understand the customer and even more accurately plan for future sales by anticipating customer needs.

Having access to this data at the speed they have seen, Tube Specialties has insight that they never had before – and this is only the beginning. The migration to SAP HANA Live has been a success, and the company continues to experience positive results. They are moving forward with solutions like SAP Fiori that are designed to exploit the SAP HANA platform, and they look forward to seeing more results through their SAP investments.

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