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FAQ: How the Digital Transformation Is Shaping HR A new generation of employee has arrived: Empowered by technology, millennials are driving digitization and leading a workplace revolution. This FAQ explains how you can make your enterprise more attracti…

Ansgar Weege

作者 Ansgar Weege

Consultant My name is Ansgar Weege. I'm working as a co… 查看所有 1 帖子
Martin Tieves

作者 Martin Tieves

Technology Consultant (Process/ Cloud Integration) With focus on process and cloud integration … 查看所有 1 帖子
Hans Kourimsky

作者 Hans Kourimsky

Head of Global Supply Chain Digital Practice Hans Kourimsky is the head of the global dig… 查看所有 1 帖子
Norbert Rotter

作者 Norbert Rotter

Chief Executive Officer A qualified bank clerk, Norbert Rotter studi… 查看所有 1 帖子
Andy Steer

作者 Andy Steer

Chief Technology Officer I have responsibility for defining and drivi… 查看所有 10 帖子
Bret Applegate

作者 Bret Applegate

Senior Manager, Managed Services Customer Engagements Bret Applegate is a senior SAP Technical Pro… 查看所有 4 帖子
Simen Huuse

作者 Simen Huuse

Principal Expert, Innovation & Technology Simen is Norwegian native, currently station… 查看所有 6 帖子
Wolfgang Möller

作者 Wolfgang Möller

Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things For more than 25 years Wolfgang Möller has b… 查看所有 9 帖子
Tom Saeys

作者 Tom Saeys

Higher Education Solution Architect, Global Solutions Team I’m a Higher Education Solution Architect wo… 查看所有 2 帖子
Thomas Nørmark

作者 Thomas Nørmark

Director, Innovation & Technology I am a LoB director at itelligence Nordic, l… 查看所有 5 帖子
Christian Schmidt

作者 Christian Schmidt

Director Data & Intelligence, Innovation Technologies I am the Director Innovation Technologies fo… 查看所有 2 帖子
Robin Hartmann

作者 Robin Hartmann

Business Development Manager Innovation & Portfolio, itelligence AG Together with our whole team I am, in my pos… 查看所有 2 帖子
Oliver Schöps

作者 Oliver Schöps

Head of Sales – Products & Cloud Solutions Since 2009, Oliver Schöps has been working i… 查看所有 1 帖子
Bill Strasser

作者 Bill Strasser

Senior Vice President Managed Services, itelligence North America Bill Strasser is Vice President of Managed S… 查看所有 1 帖子
Mark Albrecht

作者 Mark Albrecht

Vice President Global Head of Innovation Als Vice President Global Head of Innovation… 查看所有 5 帖子
Emery Streit

作者 Emery Streit

Practice Manager, SAP Solution Manager Emery Streit is currently the Practice Lead … 查看所有 1 帖子
Marco Emmenegger

作者 Marco Emmenegger

SAP Expert Consultant / Projektleiter MAS Business Consulting Die Füsse im ÖL, die Hände an den “Things“ u… 查看所有 1 帖子
Henrik Bruentrup

作者 Henrik Bruentrup

Global Business Solutions Bielefeld-based Henrik Bruentrup has been ac… 查看所有 1 帖子
Inga Vogel

作者 Inga Vogel

Head of International Marketing Head of International Marketing, responsible… 查看所有 1 帖子
Stefan Hoffmann

作者 Stefan Hoffmann

Industry Solutions Principal, WSD, itelligence Inc. Stefan Hoffmann is an Industry Solutions Pri… 查看所有 3 帖子
Ingo Jochim

作者 Ingo Jochim

Manager - Cloud Implementation Ingo Jochim has worked for itelligence as Se… 查看所有 1 帖子
Bo Andersen

作者 Bo Andersen

Senior Sales Manager For the last five years, I’ve headed up inte… 查看所有 1 帖子
Ulrich Meine

作者 Ulrich Meine

Head of Global Managed Services Product Management Ulrich Meine has been working in the informa… 查看所有 10 帖子