And the winner is…itelligence Receives Three SAP Partner Excellence Awards in 2018

In January, SAP Field Kick-Off Meetings (FKOMs) took place in EMEA, North America and APJ.

In January, SAP Field Kick-Off Meetings (FKOMs) took place in EMEA, North America and APJ. SAP is taking this opportunity to recognize the top-performing SAP partners in those regions. The award reflects the partners’ commitment and success within the SAP environment. We are honored to be the recipient of three awards in 2018.

Spotted on Hannover Messe Industry: The Top Three Challenges for Enterprises

If anyone asked you 5 years ago on which trade fair’s exhibitor list you can find SAP, IBM, Microsoft and Amazon, what would you have answered? Now, in 2017, the answer is pretty easy: Hannover Messe Industry. For 70 years, the Hannover Messe Industry ha…

Martin Tieves

作者 Martin Tieves

Technology Consultant (Process/ Cloud Integration) With focus on process and cloud integration … 查看所有 1 帖子
Bret Applegate

作者 Bret Applegate

Senior Manager, Managed Services Customer Engagements Bret Applegate is a senior SAP Technical Pro… 查看所有 4 帖子
Emery Streit

作者 Emery Streit

Practice Manager, SAP Solution Manager Emery Streit is currently the Practice Lead … 查看所有 1 帖子
Christian Schmidt

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Director Data & Intelligence, Innovation Technologies I am the Director Innovation Technologies fo… 查看所有 2 帖子
Henrik Bruentrup

作者 Henrik Bruentrup

Global Business Solutions Bielefeld-based Henrik Bruentrup has been ac… 查看所有 1 帖子
Marco Emmenegger

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SAP Expert Consultant / Projektleiter MAS Business Consulting Die Füsse im ÖL, die Hände an den “Things“ u… 查看所有 1 帖子
Thomas Nørmark

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Director, Innovation & Technology I am a LoB director at itelligence Nordic, l… 查看所有 7 帖子
Robin Hartmann

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Business Development Manager Innovation & Portfolio, itelligence AG Together with our whole team I am, in my pos… 查看所有 2 帖子
Ingo Jochim

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Manager - Cloud Implementation Ingo Jochim has worked for itelligence as Se… 查看所有 1 帖子
Simen Huuse

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Principal Expert, Innovation & Technology Simen is Norwegian native, currently station… 查看所有 6 帖子
Inga Vogel

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Head of International Marketing Head of International Marketing, responsible… 查看所有 1 帖子
Wolfgang Möller

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Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things For more than 25 years Wolfgang Möller has b… 查看所有 9 帖子
Norbert Rotter

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Chief Executive Officer A qualified bank clerk, Norbert Rotter studi… 查看所有 1 帖子
Andy Steer

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Chief Technology Officer I have responsibility for defining and drivi… 查看所有 10 帖子
Ulrich Meine

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Head of Global Managed Services Product Management Ulrich Meine has been working in the informa… 查看所有 10 帖子
Bo Andersen

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Senior Sales Manager For the last five years, I’ve headed up inte… 查看所有 1 帖子
Oliver Schöps

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Head of Sales – Products & Cloud Solutions Since 2009, Oliver Schöps has been working i… 查看所有 1 帖子
Mark Albrecht

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Vice President Global Head of Innovation, itelligence AG As Vice President Global Head of Innovation … 查看所有 7 帖子
Bill Strasser

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Senior Vice President, Managed Services, itelligence North America Bill Strasser is Senior Vice President of Ma… 查看所有 2 帖子
Tom Saeys

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Solution Director Innovations Technologies Tom Saeys is Solution Director at the Innova… 查看所有 2 帖子


Our experts are keen to stay up to date with… 查看所有 5 帖子
Hans Kourimsky

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Head of Global Supply Chain Digital Practice Hans Kourimsky is the head of the global dig… 查看所有 1 帖子
Ansgar Weege

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Consultant My name is Ansgar Weege. I'm working as a co… 查看所有 1 帖子
Christian Lindner

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Expert UX Design, itelligence AG Christian Lindner is an expert in UX design … 查看所有 1 帖子