Bühler Motor Group – itelligence Application Management Service and Managed Cloud

Andreas Neumann, Supervisor for ERP Systems & Commercial Applications
itelligence is on hand to provide us with advice and implementation assistance on all SAP aspects, both national and international. Longevity, dynamism and performance are the keys to success in our business. In this
context, we benefit from a long-term partnership, a flexible AMS support package and powerful system-based business processes.

Andreas Neumann, Supervisor for ERP Systems & Commercial Applications, Bühler Motor GmbH

Bühler Motor Group is a leader in the drive technology with its headquarters located in Nuremberg, Germany. They develop and produce mechatronic drive solutions for the automotive and aviation sector as well as other industries.

1,800 Employees

MEUR 320 Global Revenue (2018)



  • Growing flexibility demand requires to transfer IT acitivities to a qualified partner
  • Optimization of IT-based business processes
  • Need of immediate rectification of unforeseeable system incidents


  • Certified AMS & Managed Cloud Service processes in line with ISO standards
  • Quick implementation of short-term changes in the SAP environment
  • Secure infrastructure for system operations
  • 24/7 availability for support requests
  • More capacity to focus on strategic matters
  • Best practices to stabilize SAP processes


  • itelligence Application Management Service (AMS)
  • Managed Cloud (Hosting)
  • SAP BO Web Intelligence
  • itelligence AddOn it.mds for maintenance of master-data

Bühler Motor Group - Nuremberg, Germany

The Motor for the Daily Business – Application Management Service and Managed Cloud for Bühler Motor Group.

About the Project

The Bühler Motor Group – Intelligent Drive Solutions for Greater Mobility

Founded back in 1855 by the Bühler brothers as a clock factory, the Bühler Motor Group is now a leading provider of intelligent, mechatronic drive solutions. The product range includes custom DC motors, gear motors and pumps. In particular, the motor producer supplies companies in the automotive and aviation sector, as well as “general industries”. In this case, Bühler Motor is resent on the global market with a total of 11 locations on three continents. The motor producer lives up to its motto “fast forward solutions” and is not only a pioneer in the field of highly complex drive solutions, but keeps fully up to speed with the digitalization trend as well.


itelligence Application Support and Managed Cloud – Powering Daily Business

A high-performing IT is essential to ensure the production of intelligent driving solutions. Requirements in the digital age are changing in such a way that applications are enhanced across the entire lifecycle as well as being operated by IT providers. In this case, Bühler Motor relies on the itelligence Application Support. The manufacturer not only benefits from upgrades and release changes but also from enhancements of SAP applications as well. Due to the 24/7 availability of itelligence, questions concerning SAP applications are answered immediately by the experts. In addition, the long-established SAP Global Partner Hosting and SAP Global Partner Cloud Services operates the motor manufacturer’s systems at the secure high-performance data center – for all locations worldwide. The itelligence Managed Cloud Service ensures maximum security of the system landscape and Bühler Motor does not have to make any investments for the IT infrastructure.


Strong performance – Intelligent Drive for the IT thanks to Top-Level AMS

Experts with extensive SAP expertise are rare on the employment market – but not at itelligence. A good AMS provider is measured by the duration of the time to value – the speed of value creation. In particular, the time to value at itelligence is reduced significantly, since the team of experts deals with various SAP issues on a daily basis. This safeguards the day-to-day business of Bühler Motor and gives more scope for strategic issues. Along with immediate rectification of unforeseeable incidents, the manufacturer also benefits from swift implementation of changes and preparation of roadmaps. And of course, from the conventional SAP Advisory Service and strategy design provided by itelligence.


A Successful Partnership for more than 10 years – Building Tomorrow’s IT Together

The business relationship with itelligence is as enduring as the producer’s motors. Our partnership is driven by success. For instance, solutions by both, itelligence and SAP, have been successfully introduced in the past. The system landscape has been harmonized and global processes have been standardized by the use of a rollout template. With SAP BO Web Intelligence, the motor manufacturer benefits from simplified global reporting, while the itelligence it.mds solution has ensured automated master-data maintenance since 2016. To mark the partnership’s 10th anniversary, an inscribed high-quality electric motor was presented to itelligence at a special event in 2018! The gift from Bühler Motor epitomizes the collaboration based on trust and equality, which is to be expanded in the future.