Leeds Building Society

The modern data platform project was part of ongoing improvements across our BI and information management solutions to enable the society to obtain even better customer insight. The ultimate objective was to help the society make better use of data to support improved decision making.

Chris Long, Head of BI & Data, Leeds Building Society

Organisation: Leeds Building Society

Industry: Financial Services

Products: Mortgage, Savings and Insurance

Number of Employees: 1,200

Assets: £18.5bn

Wesbsite: www.leedsbuildingsociety.co.uk



  • No Single Source of information
  • Over-reliance on excel for analysis with difficulties sharing reporting across the business
  • Labour intensive BI with too much time spent on reconciling data


  • Better insight is driving customer-centricity and the continual delivery of a high level of service
  • Transformed the way data is extracted, modelled, analysed and sharing across the business
  • Self-service reporting and visualisation solutions are driving faster decision making

Why itelligence?

  • itelligence demonstrated a solid understanding of business requirements
  • They were able to clearly articulate the 'art of the possible'
  • They had implemented similar solutions to similar organisation within the FSI sector

Driving Customer-Centricity with a Modern Data Platform

About the Project

Leeds Building Society wanted to make better use of data and access modern analytical tools to support improved decision making. This highlighted the need to take their BI capability to a new level with a recommendation to embark upon a multi-year improvement programme across the Information Management landscape. The end goal was to support their customer-centric requirements and enable a greater understanding of their members, with the aim of helping more people to save and have the home they want.

itelligence delivered an innovative Modern Data Platform based on SAP HANA to transform the way data is extracted, modelled, analysed and shared across the business. A series of business orientated data marts with SAP HANA provided a best in class BI application and included self-service reporting and visulisations within business areas to drive improved empowerment and faster decisions making.

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