Mercer International

Frank Reissig, Manager Business Applications, Mercer International, Germany
The digital age requires a new approach to Application Management. As state-of-the-art producers in the wood pulp and sawmill industry, automation, agility, speed and efficiency are crucial to our corporate success. The agile SAP support from itelligence gives us answers to SAP questions as quickly as possible – for all our global locations.

Mercer International is a leader in the wood pulp and sawmill industry with its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada.
The base for its production is the renewable raw material of wood.
It also operates Germany’s biggest sawmill and the product range contains bioenergy and biochemicals as well.

>1,300 Employees at European locations (2,200 in the entire Mercer Group)

USD 1.45 billion Revenue (2018)



  • Purchase of a new sawmill requires a structured transfer of all system lines
  • Ensuring system availability hosted in Germany for the whole Mercer Group worldwide


  • Successful transfer of the system lines of the sawmill to the system landscape of the Mercer Group
  • ISO-certified service processes for AMS and Managed Cloud promise a high level of service quality
  • High system availability and transparent billing
  • Standardized processes in the field of change, problem and incident management
  • Agile SAP Application Support in firmly defined response times


  • Application Management Service (AMS)
  • Managed Cloud (Hosting)
  • itelligence scale adapter it.x-scale
  • itelligence material short-text generator

Mercer International Inc, Vancouver, Canada

Mercer International went for itelligence Application Support and Hosting as their first choice for global SAP matters. In this
case itelligence will continue to help Mercer to be ideally prepared for future SAP innovations and the integration of new solutions into the IT landscape.

About the Project

Mercer International Inc. – Constant Focus on Resources

Mercer International, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, has long been known as one of the world’s biggest producers of market wood pulp. Its entire product range is based on renewable raw material of wood. Yet in addition to its wood pulp production activities, Mercer also operates Germany’s biggest sawmill and manufactures biochemicals as well as bioenergy. The company has a total of seven locations, most of which are production locations for the wood pulp and sawmill industry. While the Group headquarters and one of the two sales offices are located in Vancouver, the European head office is in Berlin. Customers are served by around 2,200 competent employees worldwide.


Managed Cloud for the Mercer Group – High-Performance IT Infrastructure

The Managed Cloud Service gives Mercer more scope for the digital transformation. Cloud is the “new normal” in the IT area. Mercer has understood this for a long time and opted for itelligence’s Managed Cloud Service back in 2013. The rapid growth in the cloud landscape is prompting increasing numbers of companies to turn to a partner that understands their business and manages their SAP systems. Although the systems are hosted within the itelligence data center in Germany, they are in use by the whole Mercer Group worldwide. The purchase of a new sawmill from the Klausner Group meant that the system lines also had to be transferred. The result is an extensive system landscape with a total of eight SAP system lines that contain 25 systems and components.


The Secret of Success – itelligence AMS for Global Mercer Activities

Automation, agility, speed and efficiency: This sums up the new approach to Application Management. Scarce company resources in terms of staff and SAP knowledge are handled with ease by the itelligence AMS team. In this case, the Mercer locations in both, Germany and Canada, are supported with the agile Application Management Service. The ticket processing at itelligence is just as global as Mercer’s wood pulp exports: The experts respond to the tickets immediately from Germany, Canada and the USA. In 2018 alone, 370 tickets in the field of AMS and 80 in the field of Managed Cloud were solved successfully.


The International Wood Market is Captured – The System Landscape Can Grow

On the basis of renewable raw materials, Mercer manufactures long-fiber wood pulp for paper industries in North America, Asia and Europe. The SAP portfolio is also growing and thriving. In this case itelligence will continue to help Mercer to be ideally prepared for future SAP innovations and the integration of new solutions into the IT landscape. In addition to the Application Management and Managed Cloud Service, Mercer benefits from the itelligence material short-text generator, which enables item descriptions to be created quickly and accurately on the basis of classification characteristics. Besides, Mercer uses the itelligence scale adapter called it.x-scale, which is used to connect electronic scales or weighing terminals to the SAP system quickly so that the accelerated dispatching processes continue to make the daily business easier for the employees.