How the challenges of maintaining master data can be simplified.

– written by Bo Andersen, Sales Manager it.mds, itelligence –

Many customers have a challenge with maintaining their master data, and often the answers to following questions ar not clear to the people maintaining the master data:

  • What should be filled in?
  • How do we ensure data is filled in correctly?
  • Who is involved in filling in particular material?
  • How should the fields be filled?
  • Who should approve?
  • Etc.

Zahnräder mds

it.mds simplifies creation and maintenance of master data by leveraging business logic and rules.
The business logic, dependencies and knowhow which is normally used to manually create and maintain master data are put into it.mds. This ensures an automated maintance of master data. Thereby quality is improved as well as a simplified maintenance of master data is provided. It ensures the correct governance as well as efficient and timely involvement of the right people which also improves the quality of the master data.

The rulebased and automated master data maintenance leads to:

  • Less time spend at master data maintenance
  • Higher quality of master data
  • Strong governance around master data

Tastatur mds

I’m looking forward to talking to any customer about optimizing and simplifying the master data maintenance.

And if you are interested in more information about it.mds, you can download our latest whitepaper or watch this video:


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