Michael Kallenberg, Head of Information Technology
it.mds helps our departments to manage master data, enabling us to achieve significantly higher level of data quality. We can also adapt our rules ourselves.

Michael Kallenberg, Head of Information Technology, Denios AG

As a specialist in hazardous materials storage and handling, work safety and industry requirements, DENIOS has a portfolio of over 10,000 products. In fiscal 2016, 750 employees generated sales of around EUR 140 million.

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  • Master data that have accumulated over the years and are not of optimal quality
  • Inconsistent data and data maintenance
  • Few rules, meaning that subsequent logistical processes in the SAP system have been hampered


  • Maintenance and documentation of all relevant business process rules in it.mds
  • Highly automated data creation and data maintenance
  • Standard rules define responsibilities and facilitate data maintenance
  • Authorization concept ensures a high level of user-friendliness and security
  • Minimal training required for end users thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • Existing data have been updated thanks to legacy data cleansing


  • itelligence add-on it.mds – it.master data simplified
  • Implementation of short-text generator
  • Coupling with SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR)


Security and reliability for master data management with it.mds - it.master data simplified

it.mds - Take Control of High-Quality Master Data with itelligence

it.mds simplifies a series of internal working processes by managing, consolidating and harmonizing all master data in a single, central integrated solution.

About the Project

Simple Master Data Management – Guaranteed

As a specialist in hazardous materials storage and handling, work safety and industry requirements, DENIOS has a portfolio of over 10,000 products.
This means a high volume of master data concerning products, suppliers, customers and employees in SAP that needs to be maintained efficiently. To cleanse the master data that have accumulated over the years, simplify data maintenance and improve data quality, the East-Westphalian company opted for the itelligence solution it.mds – it.master data simplified. DENIOS brings safety to plants, while itelligence brings security to master data management.

Master Data Management across All Sites

At DENIOS, master data are used by many users across different departments and areas for a variety of purposes. With every new user and every new product, the likelihood of errors occurring and data quality deteriorating increases. The more integrated a system environment (processes, departments), the faster these errors will spread in the ERP system and, in turn, across the company. To facilitate the simple maintenance of master data objects within an SAP system across all sites (data distribution), DENIOS opted for it.mds. The significant simplification of creation and maintenance processes by means of rules, process profiles and dependencies improves data quality. What’s more, the reduction in the number of fields that need to be maintained due to the division into local and global data delivers considerable time savings. Integrated workflow functionalities also enable the maintenance of all relevant data across different departments and sites to be bundled with it.mds.

Simplified and Automated

it.mds prompts users at DENIOS to carry out disciplined data maintenance, thereby ensuring data integrity. This has significantly improved process
reliability in master data creation and maintenance, while at the same time reducing the error rate. Integrated workflows ensure the complete and
correct maintenance of various master data at DENIOS.

Quality and Consistency

itelligence provided intensive coaching to support DENIOS with rule definition as well as with the maintenance and administration of rules and
processes. This continuous process support was part of the itelligence project methodology for introducing it.mds, which focuses on close
collaboration between DENIOS and itelligence. With it.mds, DENIOS benefits from the much simpler, automated creation of new master data
and the comprehensive cleansing of existing material in SAP. There are also clear definitions of responsibilities, meaning that the data quality
remains consistently high. A comprehensive set of rules is managed and monitored by a central unit at DENIOS, while the management of master data takes place locally thanks to workflows.

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