Binding Study Advice, SAP and Student Lifecycle Management (Part two)

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Binding Study Advice: foreteller of study success
This is our second and final post about SAP and Binding Study Advice (BSA). The first post offered an overview of the topic and discussed how SAP treats BSA within Student Lifecycle Management (SLcM). Now let’s look at a real-world example.

The pioneer in applying our solution, which was developed based on experiences at Maastricht University, was the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. In September 2011 they went “live” with our BSA solution. In January 2012 they held their second of five BSA audits, including the concerning correspondence. What they think of the BSA solution is stated here by an employee of the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, responsible for the educational processes and systems: “We already had the BSA regulation applied before we started with SLcM. It was always a process difficult to control, as many factors are to be considered. It took a lot of work to determine the correct advices for the student in time. The BSA solution that now is integrated within SLcM brings a big relief. The best feedback I can give is the reaction of our faculties, who stated they finally have the feeling of being in control of the BSA process. Within the solution they find all possible factors and situations covered. The process now is finally manageable and in combination with the automated correspondence, this leads to a much more efficient way of handling the BSA regulation.

With the implementation of BSA in our university, we wanted the students to make the right decision as to what education suits them best, as soon as possible. Now we can inform them during their first year and finally at the end of their first year or second year, very accurately if continuing the study is appropriate, by means of a BSA advice. We see the newly installed BSA solution as a prediction tool that tells us and the student after a period of one or two years, what chances there are to finish the study successfully.”

In the meantime Maastricht University has also decided to replace their current BSA solution with ours. This decision is based on the great comments they’ve heard from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and a successful demo of our solution.

We are confident that this solution may offer a huge advantage as educational organizations will be able to control the progress of their students in a more accurate way. On the one hand this allows them to offer better study guidance to the students. On the other hand, based upon the results of the first year, they can assure a higher outcome of students finalizing their studies, so the effectiveness grows significantly.

Let me know if a BSA regulation or related regulation is also occurring in your area, country or organization. Maybe we can share some thoughts about it or exchange ideas.

Next time I’ll write about our solution to completely and automatically produce diplomas, diploma supplements, certificates and their appendixes, fully in accordance to the Bologna Agreement, live from SAP. Want to hear more about and its solutions? Are you interested in a particular subject? Just let me know.

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