Putting the student in a central role – new ways of administration

The writer is Kris Steegmans, SLcM Consultant, itelligence AG

More and more educational institutes are breaking with old software and are looking for a solution that supports their needs, but that’s also ready for the future. Many already use SAP for HR and Finance. Now they are looking for more: a solution of SAP to set up and control the complete lifecycle of a student. At itelligence it’s my day to day business to do so.

In fact, we implement SAP SLcM, a solution of SAP to set up and control the complete lifecycle of a student: from early admission and registration, until graduation and even after that, as an alumnus.

We set up academic structures, consisting of departments, faculties, programs, modules, exams, and more. We make sure that the offer from institute towards student is set up completely and decently. We make sure that the students find an easy way to apply for a program, follow their progress etc. All of this should be putting the student in a central role, from where all needed processes can be accessed easily, so they can focus 100% only on their studies instead of administrative hustle.

Basically, SLcM is divided in two parts, the registration process and the progression process.

The registration process of SLcM consists of admissions and registering processes and surrounding processes. It is interfaced with a dotnet web solution; in a SharePoint portal in which a student can register him/herself for a program, choose a major, minor, specialization, etc., book modules (courses), register for exams, for lectures, well actually a place where students can do and find all they need to follow, process and succeed their preferred education.

After a student is registered, the progression process can be done in SLcM itself. Registrations can be checked in a workflow, where one can analyze if all needed prerequisites are met. Grades can be given, students can graduate if they meet the requisites inquired, receive all official documents (e.g. a degree, the official European Bologna Degree supplement, grade lists, etc.)

At this very moment, we are developing a web solution, so teachers can fill out their students’ grades in a simplified and fast way online. SLcM is now interfaced with Studielink (official Dutch site, on which all regularstudents have to register themselves before being able to register at any higher education school or university), Blackboard (news and messages), Syllabus Plus/Rostar Eduflex/Untis (scheduling tools), our web self-services (available via SharePoint), and many more.


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