HANA successful in mission to the Eldorado Group in Moscow


– written by Dr. Luke Winckelmann, Outsourcing Competence Center

A short time ago we implemented SAP HANA in a scale-out configuration at Eldorado, one of the leading retail chains for entertainment electronics and household appliances in Russia. In addition to SAP HANA we also operate other SAP systems for Eldorado in our data centers in Bautzen. The entire SAP landscape of Eldorado includes more than 60 entities.

Since Eldorado must analyze enormous data chunks rapidly, a data analysis using traditional technologies was insufficient. The processing of individual data at the inventory unit level, with over 9,000 posts in 370 stores and four distribution warehouses, needed be analyzed at a substantially accelerated pace. Therefore we implemented for Eldorado the operating system SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse on SAP

HANA for the “SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning”. The new SAP HANA solution now replaces the previous Oracle database on one of three SAP BW system lines which we operate for Eldorado. In only 16 hours we mastered the importation of 2.33 Terabytes of data from the existing Oracle database to SAP HANA. Thanks to the expanded compression functions integrated into SAP HANA, the new database has a size of only 535 Gigabytes. This represents an economization of 77 per cent. This was possible because SAP HANA is already well integrated into the SAP product spectrum. The migration took place through the projection of a standardized system copy. Thus we significantly minimized the running times and project risks. SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning supports all 370 locations, and the four distribution warehouses, based on the IBM system solution for SAP HANA. This SAP solution enables retailers to conduct a systematic supervision of the product life cycle in relation to the customer’s buying habits. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse and the wares- and assortment planning are linked to a comprehensive SAP environment.

Due to the distinctly successful results of SAP HANA we are now planning a migration of the remaining SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse applications – CRM Segmentation, POS DM – to SAP HANA.

Real-time look at revenue developments

The new SAP HANA solution with In-Memory realtime Processing and data base compression improves the results of the ten most in-demand reports by a factor of, on average, 167. This result was reached with a 300-Gigabyte-Datacube, constructed on ten levels, and a migration from an Oracle data base to SAP HANA. The SAP HANA architecture is substantially easier to administer, since the data warehouse administrators no longer have to invest time for the definition and the management of data aggregates. The complex assortment planning was accelerated by 66 per cent, and the amount of planning time sank from 35 to only 12 hours.
Especially important for the customer is to be able to react fast to altered market conditions. Via realtime access to data Eldorado can steer marketing campaigns, rebate actions precisely and analyze buying patterns. Thus, excess stock and shortages are prevented, while profitability and revenue have increased.

In addition to the 6 SAP HANA systems for eldorado we operate another 2 SAP HANA systems for the Zehnder Group AG. Additional SAP HANA Systems are operated in the data centers in Bielefeld, Horsens and Cincinati. All in all we are operating 19 SAP HANA Systems: 8 SAP HANA systems in productive customer environments and 11 SAP HANA systems for test-drives. With this global concept for SAP HANA POCs itelligence helps customers to test and implement SAP HANA with their own data.

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