On the road with Smart Business powered by SAP HANA

Walldorf? Well – it is not the metropolis, but Walldorf has far more to offer than shopping malls and recreational centers. It is home to SAP. And we, as SAP’s partner with the biggest and strongest relationship, are very close to what’s happening within SAP. Latest innovations and developments are not only interesting for our customers but for us as well. As a result we can accurately provide the range of services and quality to our customers that they deserve. The kind of projects that itelligence can deliver using the power of SAP HANA.

One of these innovations is called Smart Business powered by SAP HANA. Our starting point for this new type of SAP solution was a first meeting to which I was invited. After sifting through the documents which I received, I knew I definitely wanted to know more. Two weeks later I found myself in the midst of the action, in Walldorf – I was allowed to actively contribute my knowledge in the areas of HANA and Analytics in the product development of Smart Business. By doing this I got to know the product even better: Based on the contents of the Business Suite in certain areas of application and several industries, and the new HANA technology, SAP has developed a first SAP Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) in 2011 – SAP HANA Live. RDS solutions are preconfigured, packaged and designed for specific industries, business processes or areas. However, restricted content and the user orientation of the tool to administrators has not lived up to the users‘ expectations. Smart Business relies on this challenge and provides a solution, which impresses with its user-friendliness and allows the user to concentrate in to daily business. Predefined scenarios such as Project Execution, Financial Close or Transportation Management are delivered with SAP HANA Live RDS version 2. You can set up your individual real-time dashboard based on this. Whether CIO or product manager, both are able to monitor and analyze key figures relevant to them at all times.

Smart Business

Figure : KPI Cockpit for SAP Smart Business for Transportation Management

A scenario

A Product Manager wonders why his sales figures in Shanghai from last week do not fit, and contacts – directly from the dashboard by clicking on the deviation – the Sales Representative on site. The Sales Representative doesn’t answer, although he has his own individual dashboard on his tablet and smartphone. By taking a look at the news feed the Product Manager realizes that no one has been working in Shanghai all week – why? Because it’s the Golden Week*. Budget and capacity planning have been adjusted with one click, informing the Global Logistics Manager of the changes and everything is back on track.

So Smart Business is more than just a dashboard. Matched to operative business, it also allows predictive analysis and planning. The decision making is also simplified by integrating collaboration tools, the captivating simplicity with concurrent analyzing, evaluating, and planning capabilities with real-time data.

The first release of this solution contains a few essential scenarios. But I know, there will be more – scenarios as well as functionalities. I would highly recommend it to customers who rely on SAP Business Suite on HANA, and who want more from their operative reporting. Of course I’ll stay tuned for more.

And if you are interested in getting more information, feel free to contact me.

– written by Janina Eilhoff, Consultant Global Business Solutions, itelligence –

* Great holiday weeks in China

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