SAPPHIRE NOW – Survival Training with SAP if HANA would be a human…

– written by Uwe Bohnhorst, Chief Operating Officer, itelligence AG –

On the second day of the SAPPHIRE NOW, Jim Hagemann Snabe rose to speak. In his keynote the Co-CEO drew parallels between nature and modern business, since in his opinion the cornerstone of the Darwinian theory of evolution – natural selection – applies to both of them. SAP software, in particular SAP HANA, offers survival support in highly competitive markets from which only the powerful survive. For example the bolides from McLaren…

According to Jim Hagemann Snabe the new HANA strategy of SAP comprises three areas – called run, optimize and innovate. The subject “run“ deals with the support of modern processes. The full availability of the SAP Business Suite on HANA – including all industrial solutions and all trade-specific functions (currently still exclusing the utilities, Telco and Media industries) was officially announced. 100 customers are already in the ramp-up with the Suite on HANA (SoH), therewith SAP all in all has already approx. 1,500 HANA customers, with 250 thereof already being live.

As of now, customers can find the Suite on HANA on the SAP price list as an official product and can stand out from competition: Because they have an in-memory database helping them to considerably accelerate a variety of processes and enable e.g. Predictive Analytics – analyses which combine OLAP and OLTP data in one system and enable them in real-time.

Under the heading “optimize“ SAP will shortly launch a whole slew of generic HANA apps based on the in-memory database. Among the functionalities announced for example is an optimized month-end closing or simulation opportunity which, due to technical restrictions with regard to performance, seemed impossible up to now.

The third column “innovate“ is defined by SAP as customer or partner-specific extensions developed based on HANA. Thus, customers may (have) further develop(ed) their respective system according to their taste and therewith provide themselves competitive edges. This is how innovative or also completely new business models are supported via in-memory technology. Partners such as itelligence are in demand here: We have a profound know-how of the sector, many innovative, existing customers are therefore in the position to implement our expertise in specific solutions for the respective customer. So SAP provides the platform, while the business partner arranges the innovation – i.e. individualization – at and with the customer. We already have the first ideas and inquiries for this in hand.

Background information

Thanks to the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP will leave the customer free to choose in the future: He may operate his Business Suite by himself or have it hosted by SAP via the cloud, with the latter  promising a substantially faster added value at lower total costs. The new Managed Cloud was announced almost one week ago, on the SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP has already received 60 inquiries. Analysts assume that in a just a few years there will be more business applications running in the cloud than on-premise. This year, SAP intends to double its cloud sales to almost one billion Euros, at present almost 29 million users benefit from SAP software in the cloud. However, that is mainly from users of Jam, SAP’s Social Media Software, which is now automatically delivered with every product.

Based on pithy show cases, SAP today illustrated the optimization potential, at PepsiCo for example some 60,000 of the overall 260,000 employees are paid salaries and wages via the cloud. In the business division B2B Nespresso introduced CRM onDemand within six weeks and thereby also internally submitted evidence that SAP does not only stand for speed and faster added value on strategy documents.

“Empower People“ is the third strategic piece of news of the day. In the future, SAP will benchmark itself with regard to user friendliness by means of consumer software such as Google, Facebook or Apple-apps. In this context SAP Fiori was announced – a collection of (at present) 25 different apps providing an intuitive user experience for frequently used software functions. The applications can be used by HTML5-supporting browsers both from a desktop as well as from mobile devices. To this end Fiori uses the approach of the Responsive Design: A website or application is processed to such an extent to automatically adapt to the user interface of the end device.

Speaking of mobile devices: My mobile phone is hinting it is time to leave, the next meeting is starting. Amid spring-like temperatures we are going to go back to the hotel now by shuttle bus, over 31 are booked up by guests of the SAPPHIRE NOW. Check back tomorrow for more news of the SAPPHIRE NOW.

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