Direct SAP Integration of

Are you using, and considering integrating this tool into your system landscape? With the Adapter (SFDC adapter) from itelligence you can make this wish come true, quickly and efficiently.

The SFDC Adapter was designed and conceived as an integrated adapter for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP NW PI) and for SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration (SAP NW PO), and developed for direct integration into the SAP Adapter Framework. This enables use of the extensive monitoring- & alerting functions of the central process integration platform. The SFDC Adapter is SAP-certified and supports the following functions:

  • Synchronized exchange of objects with via REST API
  • Monitoring of current status for usage limits
  • Asynchronous exchange of large object sets via bulk API
  • Topic notification for prompt reception of information on objects changed in
  • Sample scenarios for standard objects including IDoc to SFDC and SFDC to IDoc Mappings
  • Metadata generator for integration of your own and custom objects

The SFDC Adapter requires SAP NW PI Release 7.1 or later, or SAP NW PO as a precondition.


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