Hitachi Data Systems and itelligence Launch Fully Integrated and Scalable Solution Based on SAP HANA®

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. (NYSE: HIT / TSE: 6501), and itelligence, one of the world’s leading suppliers of solutions and services for the SAP HANA® platform, announced today the launch of itelligence Private Cloud hosted on an HDS UCP hardware platform. This cloud-based offering supports flexible solutions based on SAP HANA, including migration, hosting and maintenance. The HDS and itelligence solution will enable companies to use cloud financing and pay-per-use for predictable cost, implementation and service.

The new solution offers:

  • Fully integrated enterprise solutions running on SAP HANA
  • Fixed price – including migration, consulting, infrastructure, hosting and maintenance
  • A maximum implementation time of 14 weeks
  • Pay-per-use and cloud financing for full cost control
  • Fully flexible platform that offers companies the opportunity to scale up or out at any time

Better control of IT projects and cost control

With more than 10 projects for SAP HANA in Scandinavia and 100 projects globally, itelligence is an important partner to companies implementing SAP HANA. itelligence has managed major projects in Denmark for leading companies. These companies seek to control the cost and expenses (total cost of ownerhip) for support and service of their solutions running on SAP HANA.

”The bundling of migration, consulting, implementation and hosting at a fixed monthly rate that is adaptable to the customer’s needs is unique. SAP HANA is integrated into every future SAP product. Our solution helps clients with migration and enables them to avoid hiring additional internal staff to implement SAP HANA,” said Henrik Müller, partner and head of Management Consulting, itelligence.

“This solution offers an unique ability to scale on the same platform. It means that our clients can grow on our solution, where other vendors often have to replace the entire platform to accommodate company growth. In earlier days, that would mean higher and unpredictable cost,” says Michael Brødegaard, Business Manager, Cloud Solutions, Hitachi Data Systems. “Our approach to the cloud and flexible platforms offers our clients an array of opportunities that will allow them to pick their own solution at their own pace with a clear picture of time and cost.”

He added, “We at HDS have many years of experience with enterprise clients and customized solutions developed to minimize the use of resources within the organization. itelligence is also a company with many years of experience implementing SAP HANA. This combination of skills and experience adds up to SAP solutions that deliver higher performance and more flexibility.”

The solution will be launched in Scandinavia autumn 2015.


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