Webinar – Strengthen the Quality of Your HR Master Data


Even if you have a central HR master data system, there are challenges with HR master data – the HR function’s need of “one source of truth”. Different versions of the truth across global offices, systems and data elements will undermine the ability to make the right business decisions and create optimal processes.

Targeted efforts ensure higher quality in master data across the global organization and systems. This creates a foundation for strengthening key HR activities, optimizing processes and making well-founded strategic decisions based on trustworthy reports.

it.data guardian is a tailored software suite for your HR function. it.data guardian maps and combines all relevant data elements and metadata to assure quality and validate master data across global and decentralized systems – from payroll systems to telephone systems. This way, it.data guardian improves data quality and creates a solid knowledge foundation for HR activities in a broad sense. The solution ensures that master data is verified and that HR policies are always respected and GDPR compliant.

In this webinar you will learn

  • To understand the principles behind it.data guardian
  • To navigate results, details and overview
  • About basic configuration


After the webinar, there will be an opportunity to ask question and/or come in direct dialogue with the experts. So whether you have a strategic purpose or want to gain specialist knowledge, the webinar will be structured for you and your colleagues to attend.

Date: Tuesday October 9th 2018
Place: Online – you receive a link after registration
Time: 3-4 pm

Please note, this webinar will be held in English.

The webinar is free of charge.

Webinar Registration

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