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SAP Lumira – a data visualization software which makes it easy to create beautiful and interactive maps, diagrams and infographics. SAP Lumira enables you to import your data from i.e. Excel and execute visual BI analysis by using intuitive dashboards in order to share insight and data in a safe manner with the rest of your team.

At itelligence we specialize in creating BI solutions within trade, production and several other industries. Many companies are looking for speed, simplicity, greater insight, agility and paradigm shifts in order to support strategic business goals. However, they have to admit that it is not possible when using their current technology.

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Join in on our virtual meetings and learn more about how your business, with the help of SAP Lumira and Business Intelligence can make better decisions, reduce costs, increase performance and add a tremendous competition advantage.

A virtual meeting will last for approximately one hour, and based on your data we will show how Lumira can create value for your business. There will be opportunities to ask questions and to get into an informal dialog directly with the specialists. Regardless if you have a strategic purpose or if you want to know what the specialists know, the meeting will be valuable for you and your colleagues.

Place: Online – Book virtual meeting by using the form below. You will following receive an e-mail with the needed information.

Time: The meeting will last for one hour and it will be scheduled together with you.

Note, it is free of charge to book a virtual meeting!


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