itelligence and Eldorado – partnership, quality, flexibility, higher performance!


– written by Marcus Held, Vice President Outsourcing Sales Region CEE, itelligence –

Eldorado – one of the most innovative and challenging companies I have ever worked with. I have gathered details of the cooperation between Eldorado and itelligence regarding SAP Outsourcing in our latest Success Story.

In this Success Story you can witness insights into the company Eldorado, one of the biggest electronic retailers in the world. I am pretty sure that a few of you might be surprised by this fact, while being confronted with commercials here of well-known retailers. But in Russia the company Eldorado is an established brand and it is ranked among the top 5 in Europe and worldwide in the top 10 of the biggest retailers of consumer electronics.

Our Success Story also keeps you up to date with our Eldorado project in Moscow. We have been working on this project very successfully now for about three years. The result: The Outsourcing of Eldorados complete SAP landscape, which has become one of the most compex SAP installations with more than 65 instances.

The cooperation inter alia lead to   itelligence and Eldorado becoming the first productive, active customer for BW on HANA.

With this first blogpost I wanted to give you a first impression into the project “itelligence and Eldorado“. Would you like to learn more? Then please read the full story here.

And please don´t hesitate to comment or ask questions. I am looking forward to answering them.

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