itelligence Nordic is joining forces with ABEX

In teaming up with ABEX, itelligence Nordic can offer a best-in-class combination of the most advanced SAP cybersecurity technology and expert services in the SAP consultancy services in the Scandinavian market.

“This powerful combination ensures SAP customers are well-armed to combat internal and external cybersecurity threats” said ABEX CTO Ivan Mans. Global 2000 organizations store their most sensitive data in ERP applications such as SAP.  Nation-state threat actors, hacktivitists and cybercriminals are turning their efforts to these systems with targeted campaigns using technology found on the dark web. “We are excited at the opportunities ahead to make SAP clients’ environments more secure with this collaboration” said Mans.

“Many organizations remain vulnerable because there are always vulnerabilities for which there will never be a commercially available patch, or as in most cases, the sheer overwhelming nature of continually hardening will never be consistently failproof.”

This partnership will allow the itelligence Nordic’s GRC Line of Business to quickly detect and respond to threats by providing them with continuous visibility of ERP vulnerabilities in real time, and react to actionable accurate intelligence. The ability to quickly respond to incidents ensures that threats can be remediated before any harm is done.

For many, SAP is the engine powering their mission-critical, day to day operations and any interruption to those applications would be catastrophic. Mans added,  “We’re delighted to be working with itelligence Nordic, to offer the most advanced cybersecurity for SAP applications and custom code to the Scandinavian market”.


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