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I’ve just had a discussion with the people behind Qlik Market on how to structure extensions. Since the .qve format is not supported by Qlik Sense, and because installation of extensions is different on the server and desktop. So I think this is worth sharing, because it was a bit strange due to the differences.

So we came to the following conclusion:

Desktop installation is done by moving the extension to a folder under C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Extensions

And on the server its done uploading a zip in the QMC.

The issue is that on the Desktop a Folder is needed while on the server it must be a zipped folder.

To solve this, we create a zip, containing the 2 files, the extensions folder and a readme or help document. If you’re using the Desktop, you will need to extract the second zip, but on the server you can just upload it.

So the zip which is uploaded to on Qlik Market should looks like this:

3— extension
4—– my-extension.js
4—– my-extension.qext
4—– wbfolder.wbl
2– readme.rtf

If you like to use my readme.rft you can find it here.

Torben Seebach
Principal Consultant

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