New Tableau ace starts at itelligence

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February 1st itelligence welcomed a new Tableau expert – Linda Brown. – who has been given responsibility for managing all Tableau related matters.

‘Self-service analytics’, ‘data discovery’ and ‘ad-hoc reporting’ are on everyone’s agenda today, but how do you actually transform your company’s analytics culture to achieve this? How do you take the reporting burden off IT and BI teams so that they can focus on governance, security and data, while enabling and empowering the business to become more analytical and data-driven in their decision-making?

The traditional paradigm no longer works in today’s challenging environments, so how can you truly ensure that your investment in data and tools actually results in an impact on your company’s efficiency, productivity and the bottom line?

Linda has worked with companies and organisations across the Nordics to develop agile methodologies for changing analytics cultures and ensure the business success of this critical initiative. True collaboration between IT and the business enables a revolution of how organisations can see and understand their data, and creates business insights that can not only help you run your business, but uncover previously concealed insight to impact the bottom line.

Linda Elisa Brown Linda Brown, Tableau Solution Advisor.



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