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Salesforce offers cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, commerce, collaboration and analytics, and is the easiest and yet most intelligent way to connect to customers

360 Degrees View of Your Customers

Salesforce has pushed the boundaries in CRM – and still does. As the market leader in cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has paved the way for other cloud-based business applications as well.

Salesforce brings together all customer information in a single, integrated platform and enables companies to build a customer-centered business – from marketing to sales, customer service, commerce and business analytics. Thus, Salesforce provides companies with a 360 degrees view of their customers throughout the whole life cycle in an easy, time-saving manner.

Intelligent technologies, such as AI and robotics, allow companies to automate processes, personalize customer communication and service, predict future customer needs, provide insight into existing and potential customers’ preferences and expectations, and engage with customers on different social platforms. The result is loyal and satisfied customers.

Time is on Your Side

Big or small, and no matter what industry, Salesforce offers a platform that meets all needs of any company in any industry.

The Salesforce platform offers intelligent, cloud-based modules for (1) sales, (2) customer service, including field support, self-service portals, chatbots, mobile messaging, etc., (3) marketing and communication on all platforms, (4) commerce to unify the shopping experience, (5) communities to build digital forums for partners, employees, etc., and (6) collaboration to create, edit, discuss and share the teams’ work.

The Salesforce CRM system can be configured and set-up in a few hours and is easy to enter for customers. Even with the highest security control, end-users can work from any device and still get the transparency needed across channels.

Do you Experience Any of These Challenges?

  • Not having a 360 degrees, omni-channel view of your customers’ life cycle
  • Not being able to interact with your customers across different channels, including self-service applications and chatbots, as well as not being able to see all interaction with your customers in one view
  • Spending too much time on CRM system development, coding, upgrades, and hardware maintenance
  • Being cloud reluctant and having doubts about the security level

How We Can Help

With the acquisition of EINS Consulting in 2018, itelligence strengthened its Nordic Salesforce team even further. itelligence has 15 years of experience in Salesforce CRM. Although a long-time, full-service SAP supplier, itelligence expands its offerings and aims to target smaller companies with Salesforce. Globally, as part of the NTT Data Family, itelligence is the 5th largest supplier of Salesforce and invests heavily in a Salesforce Academy and learning tools for Salesforce consultants.

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