The collaboration has worked. We have created a working solution. And we have established a solid business foundation to support further growth. Our customer service and sales department is no longer on the phone for 80 percent of their time, but merely 60 percent – the remaining hours are now used for follow-up sales, better customer care and more targeted follow-up after delivery.

Brian Smidemann, Regional Sales Service, ECCO

ECCO, a world leading brand of shoes combining style and comfort, has built its success on quality and innovative technology. The design philosophy is rooted in the founder’s approach to being a shoemaker – the shoe must follow the foot. The shoes of ECCO are anchored in functionality, quality and craftsmanship on the platform of Scandinavian design. Founded in 1963, ECCO is one of the few major shoe manufacturers in the world to own and manage every step of the shoemaking process.

Fordele og udfordringer


  • Give as many shop partners as possible the chance (through IT) to order stock outside the opening hours of the sales department


  • Internet orders automatically generate sales orders in SAP
  • Customer service portal
  • The solution contains support for issuing invoices, order confirmations, order summaries, ATP check, track & trace and more


  • Complete, integrated web shop solution

ECCO Sko A/S, Bredebro, Denmark

It’s shoe time for ECCO

About the Project

“We started looking for a solution, which would offer our customers another and a more flexible way of trading with us. With the popularity of the internet, a web based tool which was simple and easy to use seemed like a shoe-in. It had to be capable of giving us a quick overview of the supply and an accurate snapshot of our stock. In addition, it had to be accessible at any time”, Brian Smidemann, Regional Manager for Sales and Service at ECCO Sko A/S points out.

“We chose itelligence, because they have subsequently proved to be both a professional and serious partner. They have been very good at listening to what we wanted. They have informed us of both the possibilities and limitations in a competent manner. They have brought their own ideas to the table and at the same time been open and receptive to ours. They have been available and ready to help. And they have been capable of spotting advantages as well as disadvantages and at simply looking ahead. We trust them 100 percent“, reports the regional manager of sales and service.

“We started out in week 9 of 2006, and we were fully operational on eight markets by week 14/15. Our sales people normally spend about 10-20 minutes explaining to each shop partner how the system works and taking them through the basics. That’s it! Then they’re up and running!” says Smidemann.

“Overall, we have transferred 15-20 percent of our phone sales to web sales. In Denmark we managed to transfer 14 percent to the web shop in 2006 alone. This is equivalent to 30,000 pairs of shoes, and my personal estimate is that we will reach around 25-30 percent in 2007 – in other words, a twofold increase. That is more than satisfactory. Because it means that we are not just hooked up via the sellers and our sales department. We are offering an extra service, and we are making business 24/7 365 days a year”, Brian Smidemann notes with a smile.

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The it mds solution automates the process whenever Nilfisk-Advance creates and modifies material in SAP. The company thus saves time and cuts back on human errors made each year.

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