Welcome to the era of SAP HANA…Welcome to the World of tomorrow!

– written by Charlotte Kraeft, Head of International Marketing –

What do SAP HANA and e-mobility have in common? What is the impact of HANA on a retail business model? And how does our HANA expert Christian Schmidt evaluate the potential of HANA?

These questions are touched in the brand new itelligence SAP HANA video which shows that some of former business visions can be turned into reality by using this revolutionary Real-time technology.

By quantifying HANA’s huge impact, it becomes pretty plain that it is a game changer for every business: It does not only allow managing efficiently tons of structured and unstructured data but SAP HANA also realizes this in seconds. In a nutshell, SAP HANA changes the perspective and ratio of decision makers by generating new business models.

Join us on an exciting journey through the world of HANA and learn how our customer Eldorado benefits from SAP HANA today.

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