Business Heroes- Part four: The Road to SAP and Cooperation: A Drive Always Worth Taking

-Robert Leitner, Managing Director, itelligence Austria-

This is the final contribution in a series of four blogs that provide a glimpse of itelligence’s book Business Heroes (Second Edition) that was released last week. For more background, please see this post

4.30 a.m. Get up, shower, quick breakfast. The house is still silent, my family still asleep.
Our cat returns, hungry after her night out in the great outdoors. Tired and demanding – she
gives me that sort of look. No souvenir for me this time – no mouse, no frog.

I am about to visit a medium-sized business that decided to work with itelligence a couple of
weeks ago.

This opportunity is still new, fresh, like this morning. Everything is still possible, still undecided. Outside
the sun is rising. It’s going to be a nice drive from Vienna to Salzburg. Start the car and off
we go. Less traffic at this time of the day, the rush-hour will not start until later.
And I’ve got time to look back at my life for a while.

Kilometre 200 – Linz. 

The Alps can already be seen quite well from here. Right on top, the first snow sparkles in the

Kilometre 310 – Salzburg.

A wood-processing company close to the motorway, exuding plumes of smoke… another SAP

Kilometre 380 – finally there.

After a four-hour-drive, I’m finally here. I wonder, is my cat still asleep? My aim is
hidden in a small valley, surrounded by ski resorts, close to the river Salzach: a medium-sized
business that decided a couple of weeks ago to implement SAP with our help. We
agreed to spend the whole day on a preliminary meeting – start slowly, focus, be diligent.

Right from the start: talk to each other, listen to each other, commit to each other, respond to
each other.

That’s how to cooperate.  It’s been a perfect day and yet another rewarding customer visit.

You can also find the second edition of “Business Heroes in SMBs – Worldwide” on Amazon


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