Vestas Increases Productivity with SAP Personas

With SAP Screen Personas, we can now save time and money, while improving the quality of our work, thanks to improved front-end design tailored to meet specific employee needs.

Vestas is a company that design, manufacture, install and service wind turbines. Globally present, Vestas has around 24,500 employees and is headquartered in Denmark. With SAP Screen Personas, the company can now split complexity into personas, so employees only see the information they need, based on their company role.

Desafíos y Beneficios


  • Complex SAP front-end design containing too much information
  • The employees did not understand the design - negatively impacting both quality and productivity
  • Bad user experience resulting in employees developing their own way of operating the system
  • Time-consuming onboarding due to complex front-end design
  • Increased demand for streamlining work process


  • Simplified transactions with a reduction in the number of fields to be covered from 60 to 10, resulting in increased productivity and fewer mistakes
  • More usable and visually appealing front-end design


  • SAP Personas - an extension to the SAP standard service process - providing Vestas employees with the information they need based on their company role

Vestas Increases Productivity with SAP Personas

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