CeBIT 2012: itelligence AG and Nektoon AG announce integration of Squirro, your personal digital research app, with SAP Business ByDesign

At CeBIT 2012, itelligence AG and Nektoon AG will announce the integration of Squirro with SAP Business ByDesign. Nektoon describes Squirro as “the personal digital research app.” Based on Memonic, the award-winning online notebook, Squirro scans multiple sources to collect the most relevant information on a given subject, which the app then continuously and automatically updates. Squirro users can follow topics, clip and collect articles, take notes and make comments in personal or shared workspaces.

By integrating Squirro’s sales intelligence capabilities with SAP Business ByDesign, itelligence and Nektoon present enterprise users with new ways to capitalize on the vast amount of information within SAP Business ByDesign.
For instance, a salesperson using ByDesign will have lots of leads to deal with. Before calling on a prospect, the salesperson will need to know whether the company has made any recent announcements, what people are saying about the company online, etc.

The salesperson can simply search for the company using Squirro inside ByDesign. Squirro will collect and begin to curate relevant results pulled from a variety of sources, including Internet channels, social media, private databases and even internal company data. The app also interfaces with the ByDesign calendar to recognize upcoming appointments and show users all relevant information relating to every party involved in those appointments.

Because Squirro’s results are stored and automatically updated within ByDesign, over time a living collection of data—or “digital fingerprint”—begins to form around each topic. As Squirro co-founder and CEO Dorian Selz likes to say, “Squirro filters out the noise,” solving the problems of information overload and clutter. For ByDesign users, the filter of the “digital fingerprint” brings enterprise information alive in brand new ways. They can discover trends, track competition and monitor customers as never before.

Squirro’s robust functionality has made it a favorite with enterprise solutions besides SAP Business ByDesign. However, there is an important distinction with the ByDesign integration. ByDesign is a suite that contains ERP, CRM and business analytics. These different roles mean different departments, and different departments mean different sets of contacts. Squirro allows ByDesign users across departments to build and share the digital fingerprint, meaning that everyone has access to the same information regardless of department or personal contact list.

In all, Squirro allows users to maximize the context related information provided by SAP Business ByDesign. We at itelligence are very proud to partner with Nektoon on this integration, and we’re excited to see how Squirro helps ByDesign users everywhere.

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