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This year Social Media plays a major role at SAP SAPPHIRE Madrid event. SAP is leveraging social media channels to enable more discussions and networking and to make SAPPHIRE more visible to attendees and non attendees.

Get more from your SAPPHIRE experience.

Imagine yourself going to a big conference that includes different areas covering different topics and with thousands of visitors. You walk around but you cannot really get updated about what is happening in other areas and take part in discussions.   Maybe even there is a potential customer 5 minutes away from you but he is not visible to you. The amount of experience that you can get is limited.

Social media changes that.  Getting involved on social media channels enables you to be exposed to more discussions, to more people and to more real-time updates.  With social media you can get much more from your SAPHHIRE experience.

Not attending? You can still take part

Social media makes SAPPHIRE also visible to people who are not attending. You can still take part; watch live broadcast of keynotes, Get real-time updates, see what people are talking about and join the conversation.

Join itelligence at SAPPHIRENOW Madrid

itelligence is also taking part in the social media activity and we will bring you our view on the event.

With our blog, Twitter account and LinkedIn we would like to bring you all the latest insights from SAPPHIRE Madrid and our translation to the event. That will include video interviews with SAP management, customers and our employees, discussions with SAP social media ambassadors, blog posts and  real time updates on Twitter.

Join itelligence at SAPPHIRE NOW and take part wherever you are.

itelligence Twitter: http://twitter.com/itelligencecorp

itelligence LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/164494?trk=tyah

itelligence Blog:  http://blog.itelligence.ag/

SAP SAPPHIRE Social media activities

SAP is leveraging different channels that can support different aspects of communication such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, You tube Facebook and more. To learn how you can get involved visit the SAPPHIRE social media areahttp://www.sapphirenow.com/madrid/Social_Media.html  or watch this video  http://events.news-sap.com/video-get-social-sapphirenow-and-sapteched-from-madrid/

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