Cobra Electronics Corporation

Whether a business needs SAP expertise for two days or two months, itelligence provides the same level of expertise and excellence throughout the entire length of the project. You get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.

Dean Marino, director of IT, Cobra Electronics Corporation

Cobra Electronics Corporation, based in Chicago, is a leading designer of mobile communications products sold in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and around the world. After 50 years of innovation, the company continues to grow boldly by entering into new product growth categories.
Today, Cobra products are available in nearly 40,000 storefronts in North America and in a growing number of retailers throughout the world. Some of the company’s products include mobile navigation devices, two way radios, radar/laser detectors, citizens band radios, marine electronics and power inverters.

Challenges et bénéfices


  • Need of SAP expertise
  • Reconfigure and streamline processes


  • State-of-the-art, highly redundant hardware environment
  • Reliable, SAS 70 certified data center
  • System monitoring and administration
  • Real-time access to expert assistance
  • Application Support, Enhancement and Optimization
  • A single point of contact for all SAP needs


  • Outsourcing Services
  • Managed Hosting

Cobra Electronics Corporation, Chicago, Illinois, United States

itelligence Support Advantage provides a full complement of services for Cobra

About the Project

An SAP customer since 2004, Cobra was first introduced to itelligence through the Support Advantage group’s on-site support to reconfigure and streamline processes after Cobra’s initial SAP go-live in January 2005. This initial work led to a partnership to deliver functional support and, in May 2007, a contract for hosting services.

While managed hosting is not new to Cobra, itelligence has provided refreshing value. The working relationship and trust between Cobra and itelligence over the past four years have created both anticipated and unexpected business benefits. “itelligence has the flexibility to support major projects that require functional support, but they also help with smaller projects on a month-tomonth basis,” says Dean Marino, director of IT at Cobra Electronics Corporation. “Whether a business needs SAP expertise for two days or two months, itelligence provides the same level of expertise and excellence throughout the entire length of the project. You get exactly what you need, when and where you need it.”

In 2007, Cobra began utilizing itelligence hosting. “The results were a rather seamless migration supported by itelligence consultants who were on call, giving us real peace of mind from start to finish, based on their extensive experience with similar projects,” says Marino.

“Because of the seamless relationship between the Support Advantage and hosting groups, the project teams are 100 percent aware of what the other group is doing through ongoing communication, making sure everything gets done in a professional and timely manner.” concludes Marino.

By entrusting the responsibilities to itelligence, Cobra can focus on their core business, while itelligence concentrates on all functional and technical SAP aspects.

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