Gigaset Communications

Take a handful of itelligence consultants from Russia and Germany, and a splash of application management expertise. Mix it together, and out comes the perfect project team.

Verena Straberg, Project Management, Gigaset Communications GmbH

Gigaset Communications GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of cordless telephones worldwide, and is the undisputed market leader in Europe for DECT telephones. The company, headquartered in Munich, develops, produces, and distributes quality products under the brand name Siemens Gigaset. The portfolio includes fixed line telephones and Voice over IP models.
The main production location is Bocholt, Germany, where Gigaset products are manufactured to the highest quality and environmental standards. 80.2% of Gigaset Communications is owned by ARQUES Industries AG, and 19.8% of company shares are held by Siemens AG. Gigaset Communications GmbH is a licensee of the Siemens brand.

Challenges et bénéfices


  • Bring all of the foreign subsidiaries together into the integrated SAP system landscape – including procurement, inventory management, sales processing, and returns and finance processes
  • Amendments of forms and reporting in order to conform with Russian law
  • Training for employees belonging to the external financial service company BDO
  • Build up an extensive level of SAP expertise first of all on-site in Moscow


  • Successful integration into the company's SAP landscape
  • Complete mapping of the Russian business in SAP
  • Consideration of features typical for this country
  • Reporting in accordance with Russian law


  • SAP roll-out in Russia with the SAP modules MM, SD, FI, and CO

Gigaset Communications GmbH, Munich, Germany

Everything just fits together with the itelligence team: consulting, specialist knowledge and service!

About the Project

The company is also active in Russia – and its market share is rising. In order to assure professionalism for the extended business in Russia at all times, and to provide a solid foundation for the Moscow business unit, the company decided to extend the roll-out of the SAP ERP solution to Russia.

The goal was to bring all of the foreign subsidiaries together into the integrated SAP system landscape – including procurement, inventory management, sales processing, and returns and finance processes. Processes that had already been defined and implemented in other Gigaset country subsidiaries were used as a template for integrating the Russian headquarters.

The Russian itelligence consultants did everything they were able to adapt these processes to the SAP solution in the best way possible. In the area of finance, the itelligence team identified all the requirements collected from a workable finance model in Russia, and implemented these. Even training for employees belonging to the external financial service company BDO was conducted by itelligence. In addition, the necessary forms were developed and successfully implemented into the solution. The itelligence team also took care of customizing sales processing and were able to bring the proper know-how for debugging to the table: Fast diagnosis and discovery of possible errors in the SAP system has therefore also been assured.

“Our company had to build up an extensive level of SAP expertise first of all on-site in Moscow, so the itelligence team took responsibility for the necessary adjustment and implementation phases. This meant that we could begin using SAP in Russia as well with a project running time of only two months. This country now fits into the integrated Gigasetsystem landscape perfectly. We are able to map our complete Russian business professionally, including typical features for this country. Even the reporting will be carried out in accordance with Russian law. We have therefore attained all of the important goals – because with the itelligence team, everything just fits together: consulting, country-specific specialist knowledge, and service” reports project manager Verena Straberg.

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