A New Template for Fast SAP Success in China


The business landscape in China is constantly changing as a new generation of international companies learns how to adapt and be successful. Previously, most foreign companies that entered the Chinese market were larger businesses focused on efficient and cheaper production. While small and mid-sized companies shared similar objectives, setting up an operation in China often required a partnership or joint venture, versus operating as a single enterprise.

Recent changes in Chinese guidelines and business processes have presented attractive opportunities for small, global companies to gain a foothold. More SME have begun setting up their own operations. As the demand for business software continues to increase, many mid-sized businesses especially from Western Europe US and Japan are turning to itelligence to quickly help get them off the ground and running.

In 2011, itelligence expanded its presence in China and opened its first SAP Application Support and Maintenance Center in the country. From our base in Shanghai, we now provide complete consultancy and global SAP application support and maintenance for customers throughout Asia in English, Japanese and Chinese. We also opened a consultation facility in Shenzhen, a city in the south of China with 10 million inhabitants. This location is in the border zone with Hong Kong, China’s most heavily populated region, and has a fast-growing economy serving both the Chinese and the international markets.

Our strategic company investments have come at a time when we’ve seen Chinese business environment changes occur and, equally importantly, as we have seen a shift in companies’  business objectives. Organizations today not only are interested in efficiency and low-cost production, they are wisely adapting to Chinese business culture with more comprehensive infrastructure and support systems. This helps them to get a footprint in the fast growing domestic Chinese market. Over the past two years, itelligence has increased the frequency of our end-to-end SAP support using a customizable business template designed to adapt to companies’ specific in-country operational needs.

While we provide a broad range of consulting and customer support services to maximize SAP solutions, ERP software has remained a core focus and service that is meeting clients’ needs. According to Bradenton.com, market researcher Technavio has issued a report that projects a compound annual growth rate of 15.9 percent for the country’s ERP market from 2010 to 2014. SAP Software growth in China in 2011 was more than 100% and so far ahead the market. Additionally, more than half of the companies that account for the projected growth rate in China are small businesses.

However, ERP isn’t simply implemented. Chinese users demand fast implementation with a lot of individual adaptions. Vendors need to accommodate local operations and the changing needs of the fast economic growth. We are demonstrating our ability to compete in China today, and we continue adapting to ensure we’re ready to meet new local market SAP-oriented business needs such as mobility, HANA or other new technologies.

Stay tuned for more updates on itelligence’s business in China and Asia.


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