itelligence AG welcomes two new partners to its SAP EBM program

SALT Solutions GmbH, Munich, and NEO Business Partners GmbH, Hanover, have been partners of itelligence AG in the SAP Extended Business Program (EBM) since September 2012.

NEO is the market leader for SAP mobility and has implemented more than one hundred mobility projects at the offices of corporate users. “Users of SAP, logistics, and mobility solutions can only benefit from the combined expertise of two SAP and logistics specialists. As early as October 10, we are holding an exciting day-long innovation event with NEO in Munich under the motto SAP CRM and Mobile Service,” said Carsten Müller, Indirect Chanel Sales Manager at intelligence AG. SALT Solutions offers IT solutions and system integration for the SAP portfolio in the area of logistics: IT solutions for supply chain management, intralogistics that are directly connected with automatic components, contract logistics, and logistics controlling. As early as the fall of 2012, interested parties can find out about the expanded solution and consulting offering at joint events held by SALT Solutions and intelligence AG.

More information on both new partners can be found in intelligence AG’s press releases:

Press release on SALT Solution GmbH

Press release on NEO Business Partners


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