“itelligence Integration Soccer Cup” in the Netherlands: Friendship, Fitness, Fairplay and Fun!

itelligence is a people company and the communication as well as  networking is key for our success.

Therefore, parallel to the European Championship of soccer we have organized our own “itelli Integration Soccer Cup” in the Netherlands from June 15th to 17th, under the umbrella of the 4 F´s: Friendship, Fitness, Fairplay and Fun!

Due to itelligence’s ambitious growth strategy, several companies were acquired in the last years and were integrated into the itelligence family: Football is definitely a great opportunity for cross-country-communication and therefore, is decisive for integration!

Ambitious teams from itelligence UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Germany took part and gave their best to win this fantastic tournament.

All players arrived on Friday afternoon and continued with a lot of networking between the countries and a nice barbecue. Beside dinner there were already a lot of bets going on who will win the tournament on Saturday.

On Saturday the weather in the Netherlands was quite nice and so we had excellent conditions for a successful and thrilling tournament. With the active support of some supporters, the teams demonstrated speed, precision and teamwork. Even emotions ran higher and higher on the pitch as well as among the fans, especially in the traditional Games e.g. Germany – Netherlands.

We saw fantastic games and at the end the Team Germany-Bielefeld won the 1st place.

These are the winners of the tournament:

1.)  Germany-Bielefeld

2.)  Nordics

3.)  The Netherlands

4.)  Germany-Cologne

5.)  Spain Team 1

6.)  UK

7.)  Spain Team 2

After the tournament we have reflected the games, sitting together and enjoying a beer and I have to say, see you all again next year!


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